Adrienne Frantz stars as “Amber” on “The Bold and The Beautiful.”

By Dana Block
Amber began blackmailing Hope about her addiction to anti-anxiety medication. Brooke continued to make a case for Rick and Caroline to work together. Amber tried to be the center of attention at Caroline’s welcome home party. Hope had an anxiety attack at the celebration and snuck out to take some pills. Everyone wanted to play matchmaker for Caroline, but would she end up choosing Rick or Thomas? Dr. Barton didn’t understand how Hope still had plenty of pills long after her prescription ran out. Thomas found Caroline and Rick getting acquainted by the pool. Wait to See: Liam rushes to save a life. Dr. Barton delivers some shocking news to Hope.

Billie suspected that EJ was behind the stolen pensions. Sami was floored by the news that Nicole was carrying Rafe’s baby. Will finally admitted to Marlena that he is gay. Carrie tried to be optimistic about a future with Austin but still found herself drawn to Rafe. Melanie and Chad’s relationship grew stronger despite Gabi’s machinations. Abigail literally ran into the new guy in town, Cameron, who turned out to be Lexie’s brother. John shook Hope out of her trance by showing her a picture of Bo. Ian swept Kate in his arms. Lexie received the devastating diagnosis of an inoperable brain tumor. Wait to See: Hope discovers there is more to the Anastasia egg than meets the eye. Madison and Brady take on a project together.

Heather Webber tried to take the upper hand after Sam visited her at the psychiatric hospital. Starr and Michael got to know one another despite the rift between their families. Patrick paid Maxie a visit at the courthouse. Kate asked Ewen to hypnotize her again. Carly took her relationship with Johnny public at the Metrocourt. Heather guilted her son, Steve, into helping her out. Patrick was surrounded by memories of Robin on his first day back at work. Spinelli was determined to prove Maxie’s innocence. Connie got reckless in front of Elizabeth and Ewen. Matt and Spinelli teamed up to solve Lisa’s murder. John agreed to help Sam with her problem. Wait to See: Johnny bonds with Josslyn. Dr. Lee makes Sam a promise.

Neil told Katherine how much it meant to him to have Devon’s mother and sister back in Genoa City again. Genevieve was hopeful that Jack would take her back if she let him have the company she stole out from under him. Ashley and Nikki teamed up to try to talk Jack out of having a high-risk surgery. Neil accepted Katherine’s job offer to become CEO of Chancellor Industries. Victor accused Victoria of going after Beauty of Nature just to spite him. Tucker and Sofia staged an argument, resulting in Sofia getting “fired.” Sofia then asked Victoria for a job. Victoria told Chelsea about how Adam once stole a woman’s baby. Wait to See: Adam attempts a heroic rescue of Chelsea and her baby. Nikki learns a devastating secret about Victor.

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