Goodwill proposal stalled once more

Times-Herald Newspapers

DEARBORN — Goodwill Industries will have to wait for an April 9 City Plan Commission meeting before bringing up its plan of opening up a secondhand store in west Dearborn.

During the City Plan Commission meeting March 12, Goodwill attorney Leroy Asher asked to table the agenda item for a meeting when more commissioners are present.

Three of five commissioners – Said Deep, Nasser Alrayashi and Chris Forsyth – were absent. Five affirmative votes are needed for Goodwill Industries to move into the former Inca Computer store at Michigan and Military avenues.

The building has not been used for more than 10 years.

During the meeting Asher spoke to the commission about tabling the proposal.

It would be Goodwill’s third time coming before the commission.

“Goodwill remains hopeful that we will soon be able to become a part of your community,” Asher said. “We are disappointed that we couldn’t have a full body commission tonight … given the fact that our request requires five affirmative votes and there are only five of the nine commissioners present this evening, we think it is is best to wait for there to be a full quorum or full body of the commission here and available.”

Commissioner Tracy Skora said that even though a full quorum to conduct city meetings were present, he can’t guarantee a special meeting would be made on behalf of Goodwill.

“We hope the commissioners can find time in their busy schedules to make the meeting, again we can’t guarantee that will be the case … that is not our intent to make it ongoing,” Errigo said of the prolonged proposal.

Commissioner Christine Sickle said an alternative date should be scheduled for Goodwill.

“I think this is an important issue and I don’t want to come back next month and not have everyone here and waste everyone’s time again,” Sickle said. “I think that is worth trying.”

After Errigo and the commissioners approved the tabling of Goodwill for April 9, more than half of the audience members left the meeting, some visibly upset about the stalled progress of Goodwill.

One of the audience members who left was Dearborn resident Rose Rondi, who said the whole thing is a “going-nowhere situation for the city of Dearborn.”

“I think it is ridiculous,” Rondi said of the delays. “I see no reason why they shouldn’t be able to (move in). This is the same City Planning Commission that turned down Barnes & Noble and Kohls … Look at all of the vacancies we have in Dearborn. What is so special about us that we can’t have it?”

Goodwill Industries wants to renovate the 15,000-square-foot building and spend $500,000 for the remodeling project.