Council examines change of business hours at K of C

Times-Herald Newspapers

HEIGHTS — City Councilman Tom Berry wants the violence to stop at the Knights of Columbus, Monsignor Hunt Council 3312, 7080 Garling. The K of C hall was one of the topics discussed during the City Council meeting March 13.

“It is going to wind up that somebody gets killed,” Berry said during the meeting.

The issue at hand is whether to grant K of C a business license renewal, after the hall has been the site of drunken acts of aggression, involving fights on and around the premise, among other acts, he said.

Police Chief Lee Gavin addressed the Council and said that since 2008 the business has had 98 written reports of criminal activity. He added that on the morning of March 13, he picked up 13 shell casings in the parking lot.

During the second week of March, Gavin said he spoke with the K of C manager about deterring the violence the business allegedly attracts.

“(They) have had a few shootings, a few stabbings,” Gavin said. “A lot of this has been after hours, after 1 a.m. to as late as 3:30 a.m.”

He added that the Police Department asked if K of C could cut back the business’ hours to maybe close at midnight.

“We’re trying to work with them and curb the issues,” he said.

Councilwoman Margaret Horvath said the K of C renewal will be put on hold for 60 days.

In other business during the meeting, the Council approved throwing away old computer equipment and reselling salvageable computer equipment from the libraries.

Michael McCaffery, director of the Dearborn Heights Library System, addressed the Council to discuss the equipment which will either be trashed or sold during the annual library book sale.

“I still have to find out which of the pieces are in working order,” McCaffery said of the computer equipment. The library book sale is scheduled for April 19 to 21.

The next Council meeting is scheduled for 8 p.m. March 27 at City Hall.

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