City manager search begins again

Sunday Times Newspapers

LINCOLN PARK — The search continues for a city administrator after city officials and City Manager candidate John Michrina failed to agree on the terms under which he’d accept the job.

It’s been six months since Steve Duchane left the City Manager’s office, and Mayor Patricia Diaz Krause said that filling the position remains a priority.

“It’s smart management and smart business practice,” Diaz Krause said last week after the City Council rejected a counter-proposal from Michrina. Diaz Krause said salary expectations were among the points that went unresolved.

“We couldn’t come to an agreement on the money and a couple of other issues,” Diaz Krause said. “We wished him well. We do want a city manager; it may seem like we don’t, but we do.”

The mayor and council are setting up interview times with prospective managers, a position some on council have said is unnecessary but one that Diaz Krause and others maintain is essential to running a city.

Michrina, currently serving as Center Line City Manager, accepted the position in January pending contract negotiations. Diaz Krause said that two new candidates have been identified.

“We definitely want the right fit, all the way around,” Diaz Krause said.