By Fifi Rodriguez
1. GENERAL KNOWLEDGE: What term refers to a type of patterned sock or sweater and a region within a country?
2. LOGOS: What is the official logo of the Atlanta Braves baseball team?
3. HOLIDAYS: When was Father’s Day first celebrated officially?
4. CHEMISTRY: What is the color of sulfur at room temperature?
5. ANATOMY: What human organs are responsible for cleaning waste from blood?
6. HISTORY: In what year did U.S. law require cars to include turn signals?
7. FOOD & DRINK: Which vegetables are used primarily in succotash?
8. BIBLE: What is the longest book in the Old Testament?
9. U.S. GOVERNMENT: Which Constitutional Amendment deals with self-incrimination?
10. MOVIES: What new category was added to the Academy Awards in 2001?

1. Argyle (sock and sweater) and the Argyll region in western Scotland
2. A tomahawk
3. 1910
4. Yellow
5. Kidneys
6. 1954
7. Corn and lima beans
8. Psalms, with 150 chapters
9. The Fifth
10. Best Animated Feature

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