School board terms now 6 years

Times-Herald Newspapers

DEARBORN — Dearborn School Board members approved a six-year term during their board meeting Feb. 27, changing their election cycle to abide by a new state law.

In November the Michigan Senate passed House Bill 4005, signed by Gov. Rick Snyder, amending Michigan Election Law, and requiring all school board elections to be held on even numbered years in November starting in 2012, according to the Dearborn Public Schools website.

Communications Coordinator David Mustonen said before the six-year terms, one or two board members faced elections every year during regular four-year term.

“This new rotation will have us replacing two or three board members at each election,” he said.

During the Board of Education meeting Feb. 13 trustees also discussed the possibilities of a four-year term.

The Board, which has seven members, is a concurrent position with the Henry Ford Community College Board of Trustees, which already required a six-year term under the Community College Act of 1968. Mustonen said the real advantage is the membership consistency the new term allows.

“It also allows for others who may want to get on the board or run for board … that opportunity.”

A few of the drawbacks Mustonen discussed were from public opinion on the new election process.

“Some people say everybody should be up at the same time and then you can re-elect a whole new board or keep people and elect new members and get it all over with,” he said.