Holistic pet care comes to Dearborn Heights

Photo by Sherri Kolade

Dearborn Heights resident Karen Ross (right) sits near a 10-year-old German shepherd named Galen during a Caroline Kennedy Library event promoting holistic care in animals. The event, called, “Holistic Pet Care,” was led by Royal Oak veterinarian Nicole Leveque who said nutrition “is the most important foundation of good health.”

Royal Oak veterinarian Nicole Leveque wants dog and cat owners alike to take a deep breath and say “om” for the animals’ sake.

Leveque who led a recent holistic animal session at the Caroline Kennedy Library, hopes to teach others about different aspects of natural, holistic care for pets.

“(It works) specifically on nutrition, veterany spinal manipulation (similar to chiropractic care) and
acupuncture,”Leveque said. “We need the nervous system. It pretty much rules everything in the body. In order to have good health you need to have a proplery functionnng nervous system.”

During the session Robert Butler, Adult Services Librarian, brought in his two German shepherds, Galen and Shasta, for demonstration.