DEA: Warehouse at center of drug ring

Sunday Times Newspapers

WYANDOTTE – A warehouse here is at the center of a federal drug case involving 18 people and five states.

In a March. 1 press release, the federal Drug Enforcement Administration alleges that the warehouse, 4644 Biddle, was a meeting and shipping point for a drug cartel that shipped kilos of cocaine from Mexico to Michigan.

Eighteen alleged members of the Mexican-based Sinaloa Cartel, alleged to have distributed between 100 and 300 kilograms of cocaine a month in the metropolitan Detroit area, were indicted for conspiracy to distribute in excess of 800 kilograms.

The indictment was part of one returned last year that alleges an 87-year-old Indiana man, Leo Earl Sharp, was a main carrier for the ring and was filed in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Michigan after a Oct. 21, 2011, traffic stop of Sharp on Interstate 94 in Washtenaw County, in which more than 100 bricks of cocaine were found in his car.

Members of the organization reportedly lived in Mexico, Florida, California and Michigan and received shipments of cocaine at the Arizona-Mexico border before driving them to Michigan.

Wyandotte Police Chief Daniel Grant said his department did not have a big role in the case, but was asked by the DEA to arrest two people, 36-year-old Martin Najjar and another man, who was not indicted, Feb. 27 in Wyandotte. He said none of the cartel members lived in Wyandotte.

Also indicted were Jose Roberto Lucero-Bustamante, 34, Armando Dias-Lucero, 28, Pedro Delgado-Sanchez, 44, Octavio Humberto Gamez, 38, Moises Osuna Licona, 43, Theodore J. Czach, 35, Alejandro Aparicio Vargas, 38, Antonio Simmons, 38, Sergio Cordova Alvarado, 31, Nicholas Dominick Simmons, 24, Kenneth Dwayne Jenkins, 53, David Felix Jurado, 30, Oscar Enriquez Martinez, 33, Reymoyne Thorton, 39, Walter Ogden, 55, and Mark George Bailey, 38.

The DEA, Hamtramck Police, Northfield Township Police and Washtenaw County Sheriff’s Department conducted the investigation.