Council gives deadline on marketing of Dearborn Towers

Times-Herald Newspapers

DEARBORN — The city might solve a decades-old issue by selling its apartment/condo building in Florida.

The resolution to sell Dearborn Towers, in Clearwater, Fla., was moved by city council members and Mayor John O’Reilly Jr., who proposed a 30-day period to extend the previously discussed agreement.

During the city council meeting Feb. 27, it was noted that after the 30 days, Franklin Street Real Estate, which markets Dearborn Towers needs to address the councilors to see what its next step is.

The mayor said he felt it was good move for the city to keep the agreement with Franklin.

“I felt it was the best interest in the city to continue to market with the Realtor of Dearborn Towers,” he said.

The property has been on the market since 2007 when Dearborn voters approved to sell the 52-year-old building.

After three appraisals in 2008, 2009 and 2010, city attorney Laurie Sabon-Ellerbrake said, the average selling price is nearly $6 million.

Sabon-Ellerbrake added that because the building is older it is time to decide whether the city is going to put money in the building for updates or sell it and use the money for other city operations.

There have been a number of people showing interest in buying the property but no offers yet. But if there is an offer “we could sell it tomorrow,” she said.

Councilman Robert Abraham said he is not looking to extend the agreement beyond two 30-day periods.

Council President Thomas Tafelski said the 30 days can be modified and Franklin can come back if progress is being made.

Also at the meeting an interlocal services agreement with Dearborn Heights was approved. The agreement between the two cities is for technology support for the city of Dearborn Heights.

The council also resolved to award five-year contracts to Experis Finance, Rehmann Corporate Investigative Services, Clifton Gunderson LLP, UHY Advisors, Cendrowski Corporate America, Eide Bailly LLP, and BKD LLP in the amount of $230,000 for internal control, internal auditing and fraud investigation consulting.

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