Jessica Collins stars as “Avery” on “The Young and The Restless.”

By Dana Block
Stephanie made it her business to try to convince Liam to give his marriage to Steffy another chance. Meanwhile, Steffy received a surprise gentleman caller at her front door. Amber confided in Marcus about her rediscovered love for Rick. Owen and Bridget returned to Los Angeles with big news. Jackie felt physically ill at the thought of losing Owen for good. Stephanie criticized Brooke for always taking Hope’s side over Steffy’s. Bridget and Nick reflected on their marriage. Hope surprised Liam by telling him that she would move in with him. Steffy’s blunt comments did not sit well with Hope as she prepared for an important night with Liam. Wait to See: A committed couple gets remarried. Phyllis Diller guest stars as Gladys Pope.

Sami falsely accused Marlena of telling Rafe about her infidelity. Meanwhile, Rafe and Carrie struggled with their feelings for one another, but Carrie was determined to stay true to her marriage to Austin. Daniel brought Nicole to the hospital after she fainted; her test results revealed that she was pregnant. John and Hope traveled to Alamainia to dissolve their marriage, where John’s contact agent with the ISA was secretly murdered. Madison swooned as Brady confessed his love. Lucas flew in from Hong Kong to help Sami with her latest crisis. Abigail followed Austin and Carrie on their romantic getaway. Gabi was determined to make Chad hers despite his rediscovered feelings for Melanie. Wait to See: Sami finds out that Lucas is engaged. Bo slips into a coma.

Sam kept Jason in the dark about a secret in order to prevent a fatal episode. Starr Manning arrived in Port Charles. Matt didn’t like the idea of Maxie and Spinelli being roommates. Helena kidnapped Luke and tied him up. Holly Spencer made a surprise entrance at Wyndemere. Carly and Johnny grew closer. Michael felt responsible for Starr’s circumstances. Holly and Ethan shared an important talk about the past. Starr’s mother, Blair, followed her to Port Charles. Johnny agreed to hide his father as Dante searched the Quartermaine mansion. Anna asked for Luke’s help in finding Robert. Wait to See: Todd Manning and Sonny Corinthos meet. Carly is up to her old tricks at the hospital.

Avery overheard George’s deathbed confession about stealing the money. Later, Avery informed Phyllis that she got Daisy released from prison early. Phyllis was devastated when Daisy arrived with a police officer to take her daughter into her own custody. Lauren swore to Michael that she could cope with her post-traumatic stress disorder. Adam was confident that he was a changed man and asked Sharon if they could return to Genoa City. Tucker warned Harmony not to pursue Neil, as he was a married man. Patty confessed to Paul that Adam was the one who helped her escape. Wait to See: Paul blamed Ricky for Patty’s downfall. Devon’s family anxiously await the results of his surgery.

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