Mickey Rourke stars in “Immortals”

“Footloose” (PG-13) — This remake of Kevin Bacon’s 1984 breakout film aims to update the story for a new generation of youngsters who just wanna dance. Newcomer Kenny Wormald takes the role of Ren, a Boston teen transplanted to rural Georgia. Upon his arrival, the scene in the small town is decidedly uncool — the tragic deaths of a few partying teens has been parlayed into an across-the-board ban on rock and/or roll, and all the wholesome, expressive dancing that comes with it.

Dennis Quaid carries the dramatic weight as the town’s preacher man and anti-fun crusader haunted by the death of his offspring. While this new iteration is no barnburner, those itching for a fix of bouncy music and youthful boogey will find some fun.

“Immortals” (R) — Vibrant in visuals and sagging in story, this myth-laced epic has all the narrative weight of a fireworks show. A menacing Mickey Rourke plays Hyperion, a brutal warlord out to get some godly bow that functions as a Homeric weapon of mass destruction. The gods of Olympus pick a mortal champion, Theseus (Henry Cavill), to stop the plot and keep the bloodthirsty Titans of old locked up. It’s even more convoluted onscreen.

The real might of the film is in the over-the-top visuals, as gold-skinned gods clash in an electric-blue sky to decide the fate of the earth below. While the mix of sets and CG may cause eyes to pop, it all seems a lot of sound and fury signifying a second-rate epic.

“Game of Thrones” Season 1 (NR) — HBO took a calculated risk and landed an unmitigated success with this crossover series about swords, sires, kings and treachery. Adapted from the fantasy series by George R.R. Martin, the show sweeps audiences into a new world that manages to marry “Lord of the Rings” with “The Sopranos.” It’s daring, it’s engaging, it’s fresh … and it was very expensive to make. Sean Bean stars as Ned Stark, an honor-bound patriarch who is pulled into a twisted vortex of feudal political intrigue, orbited by a constellation of full-fledged characters and awe-inspiring settings. The premiere of season 2 can’t come fast enough, so jump into this series at your nearest opportunity.

“Jack and Jill” (PG) — Adam Sandler goes full-on “Meet the Klumps” in this unpalatable heap of blue humor. Besides a traumatizing, unfunny memory, this comedy canker leaves behind so many questions. What in the name of Billy Madison was Sandler thinking? How did Al Pacino get roped into this train wreck? What did we ever do to Hollywood to deserve this?

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