By Fifi Rodriguez
1. MEASUREMENTS: How often would a tricennial celebration occur?
2. MOVIES: What movie is considered to be the first feature-length talking picture ever made?
3. HISTORY: In 1973, who became the second special prosecutor in the Watergate scandal?
4. MYTHOLOGY: What area of influence is the Norse god Bragi associated with?
5. GENERAL KNOWLEDGE: What country once had emperors called “kaisers”?
6. MUSIC: In musical terms, what is an opus?
7. THEATER: Who wrote the play “The Odd Couple”?
8. GEOGRAPHY: What river runs through Baghdad?
9. GAMES: How often is soccer’s World Cup held?
10. POETRY: What poet wrote the lines, “Two roads diverged in a wood, and I … /I took the one less traveled by”?

1. Every 30 years
2. “The Jazz Singer”
3. Leon Jaworski
4. God of poetry
5. Germany
6. A composition
7. Neil Simon
8. The Tigris
9. Every four years
10. Robert Frost

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