Dominic Zamprogna stars as “Dante” on “General Hospital.”

By Dana Block
Hope was disappointed when Rick wasn’t able to trick Steffy into signing the annulment papers. One thing Rick didn’t count on was the spark that he and Steffy felt when they kissed. Stephanie pointed out to Brooke how similar they were when it came to mothering. For Katie’s sake, Bill reluctantly agreed to go on a double date with Ridge and Brooke. Steffy felt confident that Liam still had feelings for her after hearing how he threatened Rick. Hope struggled with whether to give herself to Liam sooner rather than later. Bill asked Liam to wear the family’s symbol around his neck again. Wait to See: Jackie and Owen share a passionate reunion. Hope receives some unexpected advice from Katie.

Brady confronted Madison about her secret marriage. Meanwhile, Lexie considered ending her own marriage after learning of Abe’s shady deeds. Sami refused to let go of the past. Austin and Carrie came up with a way to save their marriage. Kate learned the truth about Ian and Madison. Marlena exposed Sami’s lie. Ian presented Victor with a business plan. Abigail devised a scheme to make Austin jealous. Months of tensions finally came to a head in Salem as Will acted on his feelings, Rafe learned of Sami’s ultimate betrayal, EJ proposed to Nicole and John traveled with Hope to Alamainia on what was surely a trap set up by Stefano. Wait to See: Lucas tells Sami how he really feels about her. Nicole keeps her pregnancy secret from EJ.

Michael found young Molly passed out drunk. Someone tried to shoot Dante. Jason asked Spinelli to get to the bottom of Franco’s latest message. Olivia was suspicious of Kate’s nervousness. Carly and Johnny got reacquainted, only to be interrupted by Shawn at the door. Sonny confronted Anthony at the Quartermaine mansion. Ewen found Kate just as Helena Cassadine emerged from the shadows holding a dagger. Shawn admitted his true feelings to Carly, making her even more conflicted about Johnny. Anna tried to reason with Patrick over Robin’s situation. Wait to See: Starr Manning arrives in Port Charles. Sam keeps a secret from Jason.

Paul informed Billy that Chelsea and her mother were grifters. Jack asked Sarge, a hard-driving physical therapist, if he would be in charge of his rehabilitation. Daisy was able to produce evidence that she was coerced into kidnapping Lauren. Anita admitted to Billy that Victor was the one who brought her and Chelsea to Genoa City. Lauren was beside herself when the judge reduced Daisy’s sentence to time served. Adam fought through his visual impairment to put out a fire in the barn. Phyllis pleaded with her father, George, to atone for his bad deeds before he died. Victor told Nikki that he did not regret hiring Chelsea to set up Billy. Wait to See: Victoria receives a job offer. Patty has Adam between a rock and a hard place.

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