Door-to-door solicitation rules offered

DEARBORN – The Police Department recently offered information regarding door-to-door solicitations.

If an individual comes to your door and asks for a contribution to support a political, religious or charitable cause, the individual must have displayed on his clothing an identification card issued by the Police Department.

If an individual comes to your door to espouse his or her views regarding a political, religious or charitable cause but does not ask for a contribution, the individual does not have to have an ID or a permit issued by the city. Door-to-door proselytizing is protected speech under the First Amendment.

If an individual comes to your door to offer goods or services for sale (for example new windows or gutter cleaning), the individual must have a vendor’s license issued by the city clerk. This license must be produced upon request.

Door-to-door solicitation is permitted between the hours of 9 a.m. and 9 p.m.

Individuals seeking contributions or attempting to sell goods or services are prohibited from approaching homes where a “no solicitation” sign appears on the door.

These signs are available at the mayor’s office at City Hall and online through the city website at Check the link for Online Services & Publications and follow it to Homeowners.

Violation of these regulations is a misdemeanor; violators should be reported to the Police Department at 313-943-2201.

If a resident observes suspicious activity, the Police Department should be contacted immediately by calling 911.