Flood insurance issue could be solved next month

DEARBORN – Property owners in southwest Dearborn receiving letters from their mortgage companies that they now are required to purchase flood insurance should know that the issue may be resolved within four weeks.

These letters from the mortgage companies are prompted because Federal Emergency Management Agency’s flood control maps for the Dearborn area, adopted in 1996, expired on Feb. 2. New maps were adopted the same day.

However, there is a process that allows property owners to be exempt from purchasing flood insurance even if their property appears within a FEMA floodplain. That process is expected to be resolved within four weeks.

In the past, many homes now receiving letters from their mortgage company were exempted through Letters of Map Amendments, issued by FEMA. Those LOMAs expired on Feb. 2, when the previous flood control map expired.

From 2000 to 2011, FEMA issued 1,400 LOMAs to property owners in Dearborn whose homes fell within the old flood control map.

In the next four weeks, the city expects that FEMA will revalidate and reissue LOMAs exempting property from the need to buy flood insurance.

Dearborn’s Engineering Division will transmit this information to the affected property owners as soon as the city receives the notice from FEMA.