Christie Clark stars as “Carrie” on “Days of Our Lives”

By Dana Block
Steffy was hurt when Ridge asked her to sign the annulment papers so that Liam and Hope would be free to get married. Katie confessed to Brooke that her marriage to Bill was hanging by a thread. Rick resolved to find out if Liam was truly worthy of his Hope’s love. Taylor received a yummy Valentine’s Day gift from Thorne. Ridge pleaded with Steffy not to get involved with Bill again. However, Steffy only had Liam on her mind and made it to known to Liam that she was never giving up. Hope’s commitment to stay a virgin until marriage was reinforced after meeting a group of girls she had inspired to practice abstinence. Wait to See: Steffy gets Rick to take her out on a date. Bill asks Liam for forgiveness.

Abe was faced with an ethical dilemma on Election Day. Nicole sent Will on an immoral mission. Carrie and Sami dredged up the past, causing Austin to take an unexpected side. Abigail used Austin’s current love interest to get what she wanted. Rafe turned to Kayla for company. A fight between Sami and Carrie hit the point of no return. Lexie overheard a private, shocking conversation. Stefano’s berating of EJ only fueled Nicole’s fire even more. Abigail continued to make Austin squirm. Stefano finally opened his letter from Alice. John and Hope had a hitch in their travel plans. Wait to See: EJ proposes to Nicole. Carrie confides in Bo about her marriage troubles.

Anna Devane returned to Port Charles, much to Robin’s delight. Sonny confronted Kate about Jax. Sam received another unwelcome DVD from Franco. Matt was furious at Maxie for getting Elizabeth suspended at the hospital. Molly and TJ’s friendship continued to blossom. Maggie got a date of her own after finding out that Steve was taking Olivia to the charity ball. Ethan was informed of Cassandra’s true motives. Jason told Carly that Sam was pregnant. Shawn confronted Carly about the spark between her and Johnny. Sonny and Dante became targets at the ball. Jason was shocked at the secret footage Franco had obtained on him. Wait to See: Helena stirs up trouble at Wyndemere. Anna has a heart-to-heart talk with Mac.

Adam tried to push Sharon away after he couldn’t cope with his blindness, but Sharon remained by his side. Jack still didn’t have any feeling in his legs after the shooting. Katherine threw Cane and Lily a surprise wedding in France. Anita accidentally lost an earring during her meeting with Victor. Jack refused to accept Genevieve’s apology for leaving him at the altar. Chelsea pretended that she was going into premature labor. Later, Anita warned Chelsea not to play games with Billy and Victoria. Nikki noticed that Anita was missing an earring. Wait to See: Adam finds a way around his blindness during a disaster. Jack butts heads with Sarge, his physical therapist.

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