Kimberly Matula stars as “Hope” on “The Bold and The Beautiful.”

By Dana Block
Hope and Liam basked in the notion that Steffy was no longer a part of their lives and made plans to marry right away. Taylor pointed out to Brooke how Hope was following in her footsteps. Meanwhile, Steffy vowed to get Liam back no matter what. Rick promised his sister, Hope, that he would make up for lost time. Taylor tried to talk Liam into giving his marriage to Steffy another try. Hope prepared to make an important announcement to the press. Steffy delivered shocking news to Liam about their marriage after he asked for an annulment. Wait to See: Hope and Steffy get into a physical altercation. Ridge makes some changes at Forrester Creations.

The DiMeras and Hortons appeared to have swapped identities as Jennifer told a lie that could sway the election, while the unusually timid Stefano worried about the letter. The aftermath of Sami witnessing Carrie and Rafe’s kiss had major consequences. As Carrie turned to Marlena for support, a drunk Austin turned to Abigail, who had an agenda all her own. Rafe and Carrie contemplated cutting all ties, personally and professionally. Austin woke up the next morning wrongly assuming that he had slept with Abigail. Brady asked Madison an important question that left a bitter taste in Nicole’s mouth. Wait to See: Brady discovers Madison’s connection to Ian. Stefano finally opens his letter from Alice.

Elizabeth was unaware that her knight in shining armor was Ewen. Sonny was suspicious of Kate’s whereabouts after she came home in the middle of the night. Lulu started her new job in the police department evidence room. Diane gave Alexis a book on menopause. Robin was anxious to know if her antiviral drugs were working. Jason had another spell after Franco sent a gift. Sonny exploded after learning about Kate’s connection with Jax. Carly found herself in Johnny’s arms despite her better judgment. Cameron lashed out at Elizabeth for driving Lucky away. Wait to See: Molly and TJ’s friendship continues to grow. Michael and Shawn find common ground.

Ronan left Genoa City on a secret assignment. Chelsea told Billy that she admired his relationship with Victoria and wanted them to raise her baby. Soon after, Chelsea’s mother Anita barged in and demanded that Billy either marry her daughter or that Chelsea would be going home with her. Billy offered to compromise and allow Anita to stay with all of them at his home until the baby is born. Sharon offered to take care of Adam as he coped with his blindness and even suggested that they visit his mother’s farm in Kansas. Jeff mistook Jill for Gloria and gave her a passionate kiss. Jill accused Jeff of faking his amnesia. Dino surprised Kevin and Angelina on the island. Wait to See: Cane and Lily celebrate Valentine’s Day in Paris. Kevin finds himself trapped in an unhappy relationship.

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