Peter Bergman stars as Jack on “The Young and The Restless.”

By Dana Block
Now that the truth came out about Steffy’s condition, Liam had to decide whether he still wanted to be married to her. Katie stunned Liam with her change of heart regarding Steffy. Hope agreed to keep the details of Bill’s machinations secret from their families and the media. Amber rejoined forces with Forrester Creations, reigniting a bitter rivalry between Rick and Ridge. Taylor and Brooke argued over which of their daughters they thought Liam would choose. Ridge painfully admitted to Taylor that he felt responsible for Steffy’s insecurities with men. Wait to See: Wedding plans are in the making for a newly reunited couple. Rick resolves to make up for lost time with his family.

Stefano tempted Bo and Hope by revealing that he knew what was inside Alice’s envelope. Madison reconsidered her attack on Kate. Abigail felt no shame when she pitted Austin against Carrie. Fear caused Will to reach out to Sonny and for Carrie to turn to Rafe, while Madison tried to muster up the courage to tell Brady about her past. Abigail’s new career plans didn’t sit too well with Jennifer. Sami was stunned when Madison called off their plot against Kate. Hope and Nicole got closer to uncovering their respective secrets. Wait to See: Abigail tricks Austin into thinking that they slept together. Hope and John must travel together to change their history.

Lulu and Luke talked about their family history of alcoholism. Maxie enlisted Spinelli’s help in trying to make Matt jealous. Ethan and Cassandra gave in to their passion for one another. Alexis began having strange symptoms, which turned out to be the onset of menopause. Someone was following Kate on her business trip. Olivia wanted to know the truth about Steve and Maggie’s past in Memphis. Molly figured out that TJ wasn’t able to read. Michael displayed an astute business acumen while working for the Quartermaines. Lulu contemplated taking a job at the police department. Wait to See: Olivia is shocked when she meets her new boss at MetroCourt. Robin and Patrick visit a special place.

Patty threw a damaging substance in Adam’s face after he confronted her about her plans to ruin Jack’s wedding. Genevieve wrote Jack a letter about her new ownership of the company and her decision to leave town — and jilt him at the altar. Patty intercepted Genevieve’s letter before Jack could read it and donned the bride’s veil. A shocked Jack lifted the veil to find Patty holding a gun. Unaware of what was going on, Ricky introduced himself to his uncle, Father Todd, outside the church. Genevieve tried to explain to Cane why she betrayed Jack, but he wasn’t buying it and told her that he no longer considered her his mother. Wait to See: Ronan says goodbye to Genoa City. Anita, Chelsea’s manipulative mother, comes to town and makes trouble for Billy and Victoria.

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