By Fifi Rodriguez
1. TELEVISION: Who played Barney Fife on “The Andy Griffith Show”?
2. HISTORY: The Battle of Hastings was fought to control which country?
3. CHILDREN’S LITERATURE: What award-winning Christmas book did Chris Van Allsburg write?
4. MUSIC: By which nickname did The Doors’ Jim Morrison refer to himself?
5. GENERAL KNOWLEDGE: What Balkan leader’s real name was Josip Broz?
6. MOVIES: What shape did Hermione Granger’s patronus take in the “Harry Potter” series?
7. ENTERTAINMENT: What kind of entertainer would use the “DeManche change”?
8. LANGUAGE: What is the Hawaiian word for “quick”?
9. POETRY: Who wrote “Sonnets from the Portuguese”?
10. GEOGRAPHY: What is the largest tidal estuary in the United States?

1. Don Knotts
2. England
3. “The Polar Express”
4. The Lizard King
5. Tito
6. A silver otter
7. A magician
8. Wiki
9. Elizabeth Barrett Browning
10. Chesapeake Bay

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