Kelly Monaco stars as “Sam” on “General Hospital”

By Dana Block
Katie confronted Bill about paying off the doctor to falsify Steffy’s MRI results. Hope told Thomas that they were through. Later, Hope made a shocking announcement about her fashion line to the press but later changed her mind. Bill went to great lengths to try to keep Katie from going to the press about what happened in Mexico. Steffy steadfastly denied to Liam that she knew anything about Bill’s deception and later gave Bill a piece of her mind. Hope and Liam shared an emotional reunion after months of lies and schemes. Steffy told her family about her real prognosis. Wait to See: Bill atones for his sins. Brooke and Taylor see themselves in their daughters.

Chad and Abigail received similar offers but had very different reactions. Jennifer and Daniel shared a tearful goodbye. Tensions arose as Carrie and Austin couldn’t agree on a date night. Rafe was none-too-pleased with Sami’s job as a mole. Nicole bribed Will with an inside job of her own. Bo and Hope turned to Doug and Julie for advice. Austin had a surprisingly fun lunch date. Marlena took Jack to a therapy session to deal with his post-traumatic stress disorder. Little Sydney’s birthday party set the stage for Abe to get even with EJ, Will to antagonize his mother, and Nicole to fawn over her former daughter. Abigail had an unusual fantasy. Wait to See: Will’s shocking bombshell affects everyone in Salem. Hope comes to a decision about Alice’s secret.

Sam visited the doctor hoping to find out who was the father of her baby — Jason or Franco. Patrick confronted Robin about her HIV status. Michael confided in Sam about the gun he purchased. Tracy was upset when Luke didn’t try to stop her wedding to Anthony. Matt was caught off-guard when he found Spinelli making himself comfortable as Maxie’s roommate. Alexis wasn’t sure she was ready to be a grandmother. The war between Sonny and the Zaccharas began to escalate. Sonny and Kate discussed rebuilding their favorite hometown restaurant. Wait to See: Olivia learns more about Steve’s past with Maggie. Alexis and Diane toy with Coleman.

Victor explained to Nikki that he pushed her away for her own good. Adam was skeptical when Sharon tried to warn him about Victor. Michael told Victor that Adam didn’t fall for his scam and that Beauty of Nature was sold to an unknown company. Ronan played the video of Nikki killing Diane in self-defense. He then had all the parties involved in covering up the evidence arrested for obstruction of justice. Genevieve received a phone call informing her that she was the new owner of Beauty of Nature. Jeff returned to Genoa City claiming he had amnesia. Wait to See: Patty seeks revenge at Jack and Genevieve’s wedding. Ricky puts his career before his family.

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