Intruder claims to be police officer

LINCOLN PARK — A 62-year-old Lincoln Park woman awoke to find a man with a handgun in her bedroom, one who claimed to be a law enforcement officer.

Police were called to a house in the 4100 block of Abbott Avenue shortly after 4 a.m. Tuesday, by a woman who said she was sleeping when she heard two loud banging noises. As she woke up, her bedroom door was opened by a man holding a long, thin flashlight in one hand, and a large, black handgun in the other.

“Don’t call the police,” the man said, aiming the weapon at the woman. “We are the police.”

The man, described as wearing a white knit hat and long, beige jacket, left the room. The woman heard other voices, sounds of people “walking around her house and going through stuff,” according to police reports.

The suspect entered her room again and repeated the warning not to call the police. The woman heard someone else leaving the house, and the suspect soon closed the door and left.

Once the woman was certain there was no one in her home, she called 911. Nothing appeared to have been stolen, she said.

— James Mitchell