Elderly woman robbed by strangers with baby

Times-Herald Newspapers

DEARBORN – A 94-year-old resident was allegedly robbed sometime before 3:30 Jan. 23 by two suspects who distracted her with a baby.

Dearborn Heights Police spokeswoman Patricia Penman said Catherine Morton let a man and a woman in her house in the 24000 block of Ross after the woman told Morton she was a neighbor’s relative.

Morton answered the door thinking they may have been an electrician her son was sending to her house.

After Morton let the pair in, the woman sat the baby on Morton’s lap and talked to her for a period of time.

Penman said after the pair left, Morton realized she didn’t remember if the man was in the room while she and the woman spoke.

When she checked her house, Morton found income tax paperwork and a house key missing from a bedroom. Morton was unable to describe the subjects as she suffers from poor eyesight.

“There’s absolutely no description and nothing else to go on,” Penman said. “And no neighbors saw anything suspicious.”

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