Shawn Christian is “Daniel” on “Days of Our Lives.”

By Dana Block
Jackie urged Nick to smooth-talk Pam into spying for them once again. Bill went to extreme measures to make sure that no one knew he helped Steffy lie about her condition. Amber anxiously awaited Ridge’s reaction to Rick’s new fashion line. Nick accompanied Pam on the game show “Let’s Make a Deal,” where wacky hijinks ensued. Rick confided in Brooke about how he was passing off Amber’s designs as his own. Hope began to question her values when it came to matters of the heart. Katie confronted Bill about scheming with Steffy. Nick went to great lengths to keep Donna from seeing him and Pam together on TV. Wait to See: Bill does the unthinkable to keep Katie in the dark. Hope makes a startling declaration.

Will’s behavior was reminiscent of EJ’s during his confrontation with Sami. The usually calm Jennifer got physical during an argument with Nicole. During his health crisis, Daniel found an unexpected friend in Jack. Bo and Hope uncovered Alice’s unexpected “partner.” Melanie was torn between restarting her relationship with Chad or repairing her friendship with Abigail. Sami searched for new models for Countess Wilhelmina as the Basic Black company changed business models under Brady’s leadership. Carrie and Rafe’s closeness became more apparent to them — and to Sami. Abigail became further enthralled by an oblivious Austin. Wait to See: Jennifer and Daniel share a tearful goodbye. Marlena takes Jack to a therapy session to deal with his PTSD.

Helena continued to hide in the secret passageways of Wyndemere. Lulu confronted Ethan about his crush. Carly pretended to be interested in Johnny in order to keep an eye on the Zaccharas. Shawn met TJ, the teenage son of a man he accidentally killed while in the military. Lulu’s new job as a dog walker had disastrous results and led her to drink. Sam continued to be haunted by Franco’s parting words. Jax stopped Michael from doing something rash. Tracy wasn’t certain if she could go through with her wedding to Anthony. Robin returned to Port Charles to face Patrick. Wait to See: Luke delivers breakfast to an unsuspecting couple. Johnny and Anthony don’t see eye-to-eye.

After a pregnant Chelsea ordered a beer, Billy and Victoria asked her to move in with them so that they could keep an eye on her. Michael determined that Nikki acted in self-defense when she killed Diane. Later, Nikki turned herself in to the police. Kevin was heartbroken after Eden sent him the photos of Chloe and Daniel’s kiss. Sharon voted in place of Victor at the board meeting and prevented Adam from getting what he wanted. Ronan coached Nikki in trying to remember what happened at the park. Angelina admitted to Kevin that she wasn’t pregnant or running from Vinnie. Wait to See: Victor and Nikki are reunited. Jeffrey returns to Genoa City.

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