Pawn store owner reports hard core offer

Sunday Times Newspapers

SOUTHGATE — Whether a Monroe woman sexually offered herself and her young daughter to a pawn shop owner as a bartering tool is being investigated by police and state officials. A business owner said the offer was disgusting; the woman said it was a joke.

The co-owner of DaSilva’s Pawn and Exchange, 16096 Eureka Rd., called Southgate Police Monday to report that a customer offered sex if the store would not sell a pawned laptop computer. Al Hassan reportedly told police the woman’s daughter appeared to be 9 – 11 years old, and that — in lieu of a $25 payment to keep the pawn ticket active — the woman indicated that both she and the girl would perform sexual favors in return.

The woman reportedly said the comment was meant as a joke, and that she was facing financial difficulties.

Hassan called Southgate Police, who in turn referred the matter to the Michigan Department of Human Services and Children’s Protective Services. Both Southgate Police and state agencies are investigating. Social workers reportedly visited the woman’s house last week without incident.

Southgate Police did not respond to requests for comment prior to press time.

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