Snow emergency changes noted

DEARBORN – Residents can help get the roads plowed safely and more effectively this winter by moving parked vehicles off of the street whenever three inches or more of snow is predicted in a short amount of time.

Keeping parked vehicles off of the street allows snow plows to clear curb-to-curb instead of working around parked vehicles.

When the city declares a snow emergency, vehicles must be removed from the street or they could be ticketed and towed. Police do not issue warnings during snow emergencies.

Vehicles may be moved back on the street once the street has been plowed curb to curb and no further heavy snowfall is expected.

Snow from driveway aprons covered with plowed snow should not put into the street. Also, snow should not be thrown onto neighboring property without permission.

A change in the city ordinance regarding snow emergency rules means residents will no longer be able to park vehicles across the sidewalk during a snow emergency. This was eliminated because it is in conflict with the American with Disabilities Act. A car parked across a sidewalk may block a person with a disability from traveling safely.

Residents can check if a snow emergency has been declared via:

• Snow emergency hotline at 313-943-2444.


• CDTV, which is cable channel 10 on WOW and cable channel 12 on Comcast.

• TV news programs and news radio stations.

• The city’s emergency warning sirens.

• messages via the “cityofdearborn” account.

• Text or email messages sent to your phone or email from the public safety information system known as Nixle. Sign up for alerts at