Jean Dujardin, Berenice Bejo in “The Artist”

By Tony Rizzo
HOLLYWOOD — We’ve barely recovered from the holiday season and now the award season is upon us. The forerunner for the Oscars has always been the Golden Globe Awards. The Globes split up some major categories, so this year there are 11 Best Picture nominees. There also are 10 nominees in all the Best Acting categories. It’s not widely known who votes for the Golden Globes. While the Oscars have 6,000 members voting, the Globes only have about 90 members, who write for publications all over the world.

Now let’s look at the nominations: In the Best Picture-drama, we have “The Descendants,” “The Help,” “Hugo,” “The Ides of March,” “Moneyball” and “War Horse.” In the Best Picture-comedy or musical, we have “50/50,” “The Artist,” “Bridesmaids,” “Midnight in Paris” and “My Week With Marilyn.”

Nominees for Best Actress-drama are: Glenn Close, “Albert Nobbs”; Viola Davis, “The Help”; Rooney Mara, “The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo”; Meryl Streep, “The Iron Lady”; and Tilda Swinton, “We Need to Talk About Kevin.” Best Actress-comedy or musical has Jodie Foster, “Carnage”; Charlize Theron, “Young Adult”; Kristen Wiig, “Bridesmaid”; Michelle Williams, “My Week with Marilyn”; and Kate Winslet, “Carnage.”

Best Actor-drama has George Clooney, “The Descendants”; Leonardo DiCaprio, “J. Edgar”; Michael Fassbender, “Shame”; Ryan Gosling, “The Ides of March”; and Brad Pitt, “Moneyball.” In the Best Actor-comedy or musical group, we have Jean Dujardin, “The Artist”; Brendan Gleason, “The Guard”; Joseph Gorden-Levitt, “50/50”; Ryan Gosling, “Crazy, Stupid, Love”; and Owen Wilson in “Midnight in Paris.”

The supporting categories are not divided. Best Supporting Actress nominees are: Berenice Bejo, “The Artist”; Jessica Chastain, “The Help”; Janet McTeer, “Albert Nobbs”; Octavia Spencer, “The Help”; and Shailene Woodley, “The Descendants.” Best Supporting actors are: Kenneth Branagh, “My Week With Marilyn”; Albert Brooks, “Drive”; Jonah Hill, “Moneyball”; Viggo Mortensen, “A Dangerous Method”; and Christopher Plummer for “Beginners.”

Best Director nominees are: Woody Allen, “Midnight in Paris”; George Clooney, “The Ides of March”; Michel Hazanavicius, “The Artist”; Alexander Payne, “The Descendants”; and Martin Scorsese for “Hugo.”

There are several multiple nominees, among them George Clooney for Best Actor and Screenplay for “The Ides of March”; Ryan Gosling, for Best Actor in both the Drama category and the comedy/musical category; Alexander Payne received nods for both directing and writing “The Descendants.” Jean Dujardin won the Best Actor award at The Cannes Film Festival for “The Artist,” in which he did not say a word! The film has six Golden Globe nominations, the most of 2011.

The Golden Globes will be broadcast on NBC on Sunday, Jan. 15, and the Oscars will be shown by ABC on Feb. 26. I’ll save my picks for The Oscars … let the best horse win this race!

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