Melissa Claire Egan stars as “Chelsea” on “The Young and The Restless”

By Dana Block
Steffy and Bill continued to plot to keep Liam and Hope apart at the resort. Katie had a theory about why Bill was so invested in Steffy staying married to his son. Ridge was torn between Steffy’s happiness and what she really deserved. Steffy got into an accident, causing Liam to reassess his feelings for his wife. Katie tried to keep the news of Steffy’s condition away from the press. Liam finally made a choice between Hope and Steffy. Wait to See: Nick serenades Donna.

Jennifer decided to give Nicole a taste of her own medicine. Sami’s first day at work brought an unexpected request from Kate. Marlena hoped to make up for the past by helping Will with his private struggle. Meanwhile, Will had plans of his own — to leave Salem for good. Carrie and Rafe had a difficult time getting their business up off the ground. Chad and Melanie decided to start over. A day at the spa revealed the true romantic intentions of Gabi and Quinn. Wait to See: The mystery surrounding Alice’s secret continues to unfold.

Michael ended his friendship with Jason after finding out that he knew all along that Jax was alive. Sam was worried that she was pregnant with Franco’s baby. Elizabeth found herself being drawn to Ewen. Maxie was jealous of Spinelli’s fascination with The Woman in White. Anthony asked Tracy to marry him. Olivia found Steve holding Maggie in a comforting embrace. Robin tried to leave town without telling Patrick. Michael continued to mourn Abby’s death. Lulu and Dante moved in together after their honeymoon. Michael turned to Johnny for a job. Sam had a flashback about Franco. Wait to See: Michael takes on more of Sonny’s qualities.

John and Bo scrambled to find out who orchestrated the prison break. Natalie received a visit from Mitch telling her that he would be there for Jessica. Bo discovered that Troy was holding Nora hostage. Starr was shocked to see Cole for the first time since she ended their marriage. Todd painted a bright future between him and Blair after they shared a passionate kiss. John and Natalie had a long overdue talk. Shots rang out as the prison break concluded. Wait to See: The final episode of “OLTL” will air on Friday, Jan. 13. Visit for a full recap on Jan. 14.

Chelsea, the woman whom Billy woke up next to in Myanmar, arrived in Genoa City. Later, Chelsea introduced herself to Victoria and revealed that she was pregnant. Nikki was furious to learn of Victor and Sharon’s engagement. Myrna/Patty slipped into Jack’s bed after she drugged him. Avery and Nick broke up after they both realized that he still loved Phyllis. Nick reminded Sharon that he still had full custody of Faith. Eden snapped a photo of Chloe’s drunken kiss with Cane. Wait to See: Diane’s killer is revealed.

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