Roger Howarth stars as “Todd” on “One Life to Live”

By Dana Block
Brooke felt that Taylor had an investment in Thomas and Hope becoming a couple. Thomas agreed to help Steffy keep Liam and Hope apart at the resort, but that he would not manipulate Hope any further. Beverly didn’t take kindly to Amber’s free advice to stay away from Rick. Liam grew suspicious of Steffy after she began running secret errands during their vacation. Bill used his connections to ensure that Hope and Thomas’s trip to Mexico would end in Steffy’s favor. Later, Hope was brutally honest with Thomas about her feelings toward him. Wait to See: Steffy is involved in an ATV accident.

A Christmas night in the Square brought Bo and Hope another clue in Alice’s secret. Sami continued to be swallowed by guilt her despite her vow renewal with Rafe. Quinn helped keep Daniel busy while he waited for his test results. EJ berated Stefano for allowing John to be set free. A business opportunity arose that would make Rafe and Carrie unlikely bedmates. Stefano gave John a chance to end their feud once and for all. When questioned by Abigail, Melanie denied her feelings for Chad. Wait to See: Could John be the true Phoenix?

Carly bought Shawn a dog to help him with his post-traumatic stress disorder. Michael told Carly that he thought he saw Jax at the airport. Dante caught Delores searching for something in the evidence room. Sonny issued a dire warning to the Zaccharas. Elizabeth received a clue during one of her flashbacks. A vengeful Michael made an announcement during the New Year’s Eve celebration at Metrocourt. Anthony hopped on the elevator to have a moment alone with Tracy. Kate gave Sonny a belated Christmas gift. Wait to See: Elizabeth finds herself intrigued by Ewen.

Rex and Gigi woke up together in Texas. Later, Shane was shocked to find out that his mother was really alive after all. Todd swore revenge on Neela for recording Jack’s confession. Starr presented Rick with a check at the hospital. John and Tea locked horns over Jack’s role in Stacy’s death. Todd realized that Tea knows that he killed Victor. Natalie and John agreed to discuss their relationship on New Year’s Eve. Clint and Viki talked about a possible future together. Wait to See: A power outage has consequences.

Chloe told her friends that she and Kevin decided to postpone their wedding; she then loaned Victoria her veil and bouquet so that she and Billy could get married on the spot. Sharon reluctantly got a restraining order against Adam so that Nick would allow her to see their daughter. Michael questioned the legality of Angelo selling Gloria her restaurant back. Nikki refused to return to rehab and insisted that Victor tell her what really happened to Diane. Sharon found herself back in Adam’s arms. Wait to See: Nick and Phyllis share a passionate reunion.

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