Assault reported on student, principal

Sunday Times Newspapers

TAYLOR — A 13-year-old girl may face juvenile charges after allegedly assaulting another girl, a middle school principal, her mother and a police officer Wednesday.

Police were called to West Middle School, 10575 Williams, about 3 p.m. in response to a fight between two students.

“There was a physical fight between two 13-year-old girls,” Taylor Police Cmdr. Mary Sclabasi said. “When the principal (Patricia Kaechele) tried to break it up, the principal was assaulted by one
of the girls.”

Soon after the same girl attempted to assault her mother, who had just arrived at the school.

Due to the multiple assaults and attempts, police took the first girl into custody while the other was released to her parents. The first girl was originally to be turned over to her mother, but Sclabasi said the attempted assault on her mother and on one of the responding police officers resulted in the girl being taken into custody while charges are considered.

“We have petitioned the youth home to have her charged as a juvenile,” Sclabasi said.

No injuries were reported.

The incident follows one Dec. 7 at the school, in which school officials confiscated a cell phone containing video images of three students engaged in sexual acts at a house party. Investigations by police and school officials continue.

Taylor Schools Superintendent Bethany Iverson was not available for comment prior to press time.

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