Firewood storage ordinance created

DEARBORN – The city has created expanded options for residents who want to store firewood on their property.

The City Council voted Dec. 12 to add language regulating the storage of firewood to the Fire Prevention and Protection Chapter (Chapter 10) of the City Code.

Under the ordinance, firewood can be stored in a rack or structure that is raised 9 inches off the ground, a decrease from the previous 18 inches. And firewood doesn’t need to be raised at all if the wood pile is on concrete or pavers.

The new ordinance also allows limited quantities of firewood to be stored on front porches from Oct. 1 to April 1. This provision means a small amount of wood can be handy for residents who want to keep their fireplaces or wood stoves stoked.

Restrictions for this provision are: the firewood pile cannot exceed 2 feet in height, 3 feet in width and 2 feet in depth, or 10 percent of the porch area, whichever is smaller.

In addition, the firewood pile can’t impede entry or exit from the house, block porch steps or be a trip hazard.

The ordinance was approved after recommendations from the city administration and the Fire Department, and consideration of residents’ comments.