City to score new courts

Sunday Times Newspapers

WYANDOTTE – Those who play basketball at city parks will have a reason to celebrate besides three-point shots.

The city recently received a $56,000 Wayne County Parks Department grant to replace one frequently used court in Memorial Park and two at Pulaski Park.

The Memorial Park project is to cost about $17,000 while the Pulaski courts will cost about $34,000 and the construction is slated to start in the spring.

Interim Recreation Superintendent Tim Beaker said the existing courts, built about 20 years ago, are cracked and could be trip hazards in two of the city’s most-used parks.

Beaker said the rebuild project is mostly a safety issue.

“The courts will give a new first look to the courts themselves,” Beaker said. “They’ll allow kids in the area to enjoy the space without the chance of getting hurt.”