By Fifi Rodriguez
1. MUSIC: Where would one find a coda to a piece of music?
2. LANGUAGE: What is a ‘beau geste’?
3. INVENTIONS: When was the first patent issued for the modern zipper?
4. ANATOMY: What organ in the human body produces insulin?
5. MEASUREMENTS: What was the sextant once used for?
6. HISTORY: Who founded the colony of Rhode Island?
7. GEOGRAPHY: Where is the famous Watergate building?
8. FAMOUS PEOPLE: How did Andrew Carnegie make his fortune?
9. REVOLUTIONARY FIGURES: What did American patriot Paul Revere do for a living?
10. BIBLE: Where did Cain go to live after slaying Abel?

1. The end
2. Noble gesture
3. 1917
4. Pancreas
5. Navigation. The instrument measures the angles between visible objects.
6. Roger Williams
7. Washington, D.C.
8. Steel industry
9. He was an accomplished silversmith
10. The land of Nod

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