Kristen Alderson is “Starr” on “One Life to Live.”

By Dana Block
Thanksgiving with the Forresters was anything but boring. Thorne arrived with Taylor as his date. Steffy was determined to show Hope how happy she and Liam were together. Pam accused Stephanie of wrecking her life. Jackie was inspired by a speech Sally Spectra once made and resolved to carry on her legacy. Brooke and Taylor saw themselves in their daughters as they watched the next generation of women fight over the same man. Tensions rose between Rick and Thomas. Wait to See: Nick is intrigued by a newly single woman.

Unaware that Johnny was alive, Sami and EJ tried to overcome their grief by making love. Later, Sami was overjoyed to see Johnny, but felt immediate regret over what she did with EJ. Madison pulled away as things heated up between her and Brady. Nicole told EJ that she was finally ready to commit to him. Jack admitted to Jennifer that he needed professional help. Marlena was devastated by the harsh sentence given to John for his crimes. Stefano advised Hope to let Alice’s secret stay buried. Jack announced that he was staying in Salem. Wait to See: Hope discovers a link between Alice and EJ.

Monica invited Jason and Sam to spend Thanksgiving at the mansion. Matt and Maxie got close while trying on outfits for the magazine shoot. Dante confronted Kate about the shooting at the warehouse. Delores and Johnny found themselves oddly attracted to one another. Dante and Lulu reaffirmed their love. Anthony made a pass at Tracy. Lucky wondered if Luke was drinking again. Shawn made Carly a homemade Thanksgiving meal. Jason lost his composure at the Quartermaines. Sonny found Kate’s hotel room empty. Franco had something in store for Josslyn. Wait to See: Sonny and Kate return to their roots.

Brody came to his senses and allowed John to step in as Liam’s father. Cutter was furious to see Alex Olanov in Rio. Rex realized that someone else was posing as Gigi. As soon as she took office, Mayor Finn promptly fired Bo. Starr was furious that Rick started the rumor that she and Nate were a hot item. Roxy brought Shane to visit Brody on Thanksgiving to cheer him up. John and Natalie surprised everyone by arriving with Liam for dinner. Wait to See: An unlikely duo share a kiss.

Kevin confessed to Chloe that it was Billy who gave Delia the life-saving bone marrow transplant, not him. Meanwhile, Billy and Victoria were reunited in a hotel room in New York, where Victoria learned the full extent of her father’s manipulations. After thinking it over, Sofia said yes to Neil’s marriage proposal. Myrna tried to blackmail Adam into helping her win back Jack. Victoria washed her hands of Victor and resigned from the company. Nikki came home for the holidays. Wait to See: Tucker’s therapist causes trouble in his marriage.

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