Jason Cook stars as “Matt” on” General Hospital.”

By Dana Block
A love-struck Thomas put all his cards on the table for Hope. Nick received a tempting offer from a secret admirer. Katie urged Liam to leave Steffy before he lost Hope forever. Pam unleashed years of anger toward Stephanie. Nick got a big surprise in the steam room. Ridge reached out to Thomas, hoping to mend their relationship. Jackie hoped to take advantage of the rift between Pam and Stephanie and use it to her advantage. Wait to See: Jackie is inspired by Sally Spectra’s legacy.

Sami blamed John and Marlena for her son being missing. EJ accepted Quinn’s help in finding Johnny despite Nicole’s disapproval. Jack was disappointed when Jennifer said that she wasn’t ready to commit to him yet. Sami and Rafe’s relationship suffered under the stress of Johnny’s disappearance. The prosecution rejected John’s offer of a plea deal. Sami was devastated after the media falsely reported that Johnny was dead. Meanwhile, Rafe found EJ in his favorite hiding place at the family pub. Wait to See: EJ and Sami find comfort in each other’s arms.

While hospitalized, Elizabeth continued to hallucinate that Jake was really alive. Robin and Patrick came under scrutiny during Lisa’s murder investigation. Matt agreed to pose for Maxie’s magazine spread. Sam and Jason continued to feel the effects of Franco’s message. Ethan found wet footsteps leading to Laura’s portrait inside Wyndemere. Luke wrestled with his conscience. Someone anonymously sent Maxie a dozen roses — were they from Franco? Maggie needled Steve about his past in Memphis. Wait to See: Jason has trouble keeping it together.

Natalie found out during her wedding ceremony that John — not Brody — was baby Liam’s father. Jessica and Ford fell into bed together after realizing that they were in love. Cutter accompanied Stacy to Rio to see if the plastic surgeon could restore her old face. Tea told Tomas that she was pregnant. Neela urged Jack to confess. Rex and Aubrey flew to Rio in search of Gigi’s twin. Cutter ran into someone from his past at the surgeon’s office. John and Natalie joined forces for the sake of their child. Wait to See: Rex crosses paths with Alex Olanov.

Tank, the man assigned to watch over Billy, turned out to have a heart and took Billy to visit Delia as she recovered in the hospital. Victor showed up to find Billy missing, but Tank covered for him and said he caught him trying to escape. Later, Victoria called Victor to tell him that she was searching for Billy in Myanmar. Victor was determined to keep the two apart and told Billy that Victoria was in New Mexico. Cane saved Jill and Victoria from being kidnapped after they questioned people about a woman seen with Billy in Myanmar. Wait to See: Nikki returns to Genoa City with a secret.

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