Melissa Reeves stars as “Jennifer” on “Days of Our Lives.”

By Dana Block
Steffy pleaded with Liam to give their marriage a chance, despite the fact that it was built on lies. Hope was intrigued by Thomas’s interest in her, especially after they shared a kiss. Thorne and Taylor proceeded cautiously as they embarked on a new romance. Rick and Amber grew closer as they reminisced about their first kiss. Liam seethed with jealousy after finding out about Hope and Thomas’s budding relationship. Katie was shocked to learn about Steffy’s involvement in keeping Hope away from Liam in Aspen. Wait to See: Bill pressures Jackie into merging her company with Spencer Publications.

Jennifer helped Jack through his post-traumatic episode in the cabin, making her realize how much she still felt for him. EJ and Nicole couldn’t hide their passion while cooped up together during the blizzard. Close proximity also had an effect on Madison and Brady, who shared their first kiss. Victor covered up the fact that he knew about Daniel and Maggie’s kinship before anyone else did. EJ was disappointed to learn that Nicole still wanted a divorce. Johnny went missing after someone tried to shoot John at the pub. Hope insisted on finding out the connection between Alice and Stefano. Wait to See: Daniel confronts Jennifer about kissing Jack.

Kate and Carly nearly came to blows before Shawn stepped in to stop them. Spinelli found that he had a new talent — online sports betting. Dante was released from the hospital and returned home with Lulu. Robin caught Patrick coming home late — with wet shoes. Jason and Sam received an unsettling gift from Franco on their honeymoon. Sonny arrived just after Johnny rescued Kate when her car broke down. Mac announced his long list of suspects in the Lisa Niles case. Maggie, the new pediatrician, shared a past with Steve in Memphis. Wait to See: Someone sends Maxie roses.

Viki petitioned the court to allow Clint to attend his daughter’s wedding. Neela developed a crush on Jack after he helped her hide from her family. Blair and Tomas made love together for the first time. Brody overheard Vimal threatening to tell John the truth about his son. Starr was upset when Rick insisted that they reshoot her music video. Nora and Bo prayed for a miracle for Matthew. Todd retrieved a gun from his safe after catching Tomas snooping around in his office. Wait to See: Cutter has a surprising connection with someone from Llanview.

Myrna, Genevieve’s mysterious housekeeper, continued to hide behind a veil even after her bandages were removed. Phyllis lashed out at Nick for carrying on with her sister. A smug Adam strutted around the offices at Newman Enterprises after he was rehired. Angelo encouraged Devon to help his daughter win a singing contest. After learning about how he betrayed Heather, Christine wondered if Ricky didn’t take after his mother, Isabella. Wait to See: Victoria travels to Myanmar to search for Billy.

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