Police Blotter

Allen Park
Uninvited guest enters house

A 25-year-old Dearborn Heights woman was arrested Monday after allegedly breaking into one house and attempting to enter a second in the 15600 block of Pleasant.

About midnight that day, a homeowner in that block called 911 to report a woman was trying to push her way into his house. She fled the area on foot before officers arrived.

Soon after, screams were heard from a neighbor’s house, where the homeowner said the woman had broken in. Under some clothes and said her speech was slurred and she appeared to be intoxicated.

She was transported to the police station and placed into detox facilities.

Masked man treats himself to purse
One costumed man got away with more than candy Halloween night.

About 7:40 p.m. a woman who had been pulling her child in a wagon west on Cleveland from Park reported that a man wearing a white mask emerged from an alley and grabbed her purse from the wagon.

The man, described as 5 feet 7 inches to 5 feet 9 inches tall and wearing a white or gray hooded sweatshirt and blue jeans, then fled back through the alley.

Officers responded to the area but the man or the purse were not found.

Hot water heater stolen

Thieves got away with a water heater valued at $500 sometime before 11:16 a.m. Oct. 28 from a house in the 7000 block of Williamson.

A real estate agent said a lockbox attached to the rear door appeared to be forced open.

Thieves take van’s battery
A vehicle battery, valued at $60, was stolen sometime before 8 a.m. Oct. 27 from a 1998 Ford E-350 owned by Al Houda Supermarket, 10521 Warren.

The van was locked and parked on the west side of the building when the battery was taken.

Dearborn Heights
Suspects sought in break-in

Police are looking for thieves who broke into an unoccupied house about 11:30 a.m. Oct. 27 in the 6000 block of Heyden.

A caller reported seeing two males, one wearing a black coat and one wearing a brown coat, leaving the area around the back door and carrying two bags. The door was found kicked in and the water line under the kitchen sink was broken, causing some water damage.

Officers stopped one of the suspects on Warren near Heyden, but the suspect was released after the caller declined to cooperate with the investigation. The second suspect fled north on Stout then disappeared.

Pills taken from vehicle
About $150 worth of prescription medication was stolen about 12:55 p.m. Oct. 30 from a vehicle parked near a house in the 5000 block of Gulley.

Two empty bottles of prescription pain killer and anti-anxiety medication were found in the front passenger seat.

The victim said the vehicle, a 1998 Ford, was parked on Eton near Gulley and was left unlocked overnight.

Thousands of dollars in valuables taken during home invasion
About $16,000 worth of jewelry, along with a handgun of undetermined value were taken sometime before 12:55 p.m. Oct. 26 from a house in the 4000 block of Merrick.

The victim told police she left the house and only told select family members where she was going. When she returned home she noticed a window in the basement was broken. She checked the safe in the basement closet and found it open and its undetermined contents missing. The stolen items were kept in a hiding place separate from the safe.

Officers determined the window appeared to have been broken in an attempt to stage a break-in because the window was screwed into the ceiling and could not have been opened.

Lincoln Park
Robber hits Chase Bank

Police are looking for a bank robber whose note to a teller claimed a bomb would be detonated if money was not surrendered.

Shortly before 5 p.m. Monday, a black male, approximately 6 feet tall and wearing a black hoodie and jeans entered Chase Bank, 2041 Fort Street. The man handed the teller a pencil-written note on yellow paper which read, “I have a bomb, give me money no die packs no one gets hurt.”

An undisclosed amount of money was handed over, which the man stuffed in his pockets before leaving. On the way out, he dropped a $20 bill.

The man was seen leaving the scene on a bicycle, heading east on Park. Police were to receive a copy of the surveillance footage for further investigation.

Home targeted while owner in hospital
An 84-year-old woman’s hospital stay left her house in the 900 block of River Bank Ave. vulnerable to thieves who made off first with a 46-inch flat-screen TV, valued at $1,000, and an estimated $10,000 worth of jewelry before stealing a 2009 Dodge Caravan.

Sometime between 5 p.m. , Oct. 28 and 5 p.m. Oct. 30, a pane of glass was broken on the rear side of the house. The homeowner had been in the hospital for a week, and her brother found the damage and called police. The brother did not know specifically what was taken, but the TV and jewelry were inventoried when the homeowner returned Monday afternoon.

Also taken was a Dodge Caravan from the side garage, which was located on Monday at another location. Detectives searched the vehicle for evidence before returning it to the owner. Police are investigating.

Car thieves caught on camera
Police are looking for two men who broke into and stole a 1994 Ford F-350 Econoline Van from a Fort Street alley Tuesday.

Police were called to the 3100 block of Fort shortly after 10 a.m., when a woman reporting to work near the alley noticed the van was missing.

Surveillence cameras with a view of the alley revealed two men break out the driver’s side window, entering the van and driving southbound through the alley.

The vehicle’s description was entered into the Law Enforcement Information Network.

Where there’s smoke…

An 18-year-old resident was arrested after allegedly robbing a smoke shop at knifepoint Oct. 28.

Police said the man entered Smoker’s Hut Center, 18623, Allen, about 10:15 a.m. that day and requested to use the bathroom or a trash can. The clerk asked him to leave and minutes later, he was heard banging on the store’s windows, seeking re-entry.

The clerk called police, but by the time they arrived, the man had left.

About 20 minutes later, the man allegedly returned and robbed the store and its clerk with a large kitchen knife, making off with $175, four packs of cigarettes, a lighter, and the clerk’s cell phone, which he threw on the ground outside the store.

Officers tracked the man to his residence, where a large knife matching the one used in the robbery was located outside. Officers knocked on the door, but the man was not home. A short time later, he was stopped by officers carrying a pizza through a nearby alley.

He was positively identified by the clerk and the missing items were found in his possession.

Boys damage mini golf venue
Two juveniles were released to their parents Oct. 29 after allegedly vandalizing Play Atlantis Glow in the Dark Mini Golf and Video Arcade, 19400 Allen.

An employee told police that the two juveniles, from Ecorse and River Rouge, had damaged two displays and pierced the walls with golf clubs.

Two juvenile females, who declined to be named, told officers they saw the two boys hitting golf balls hard and and swinging the clubs around, causing the damage.

Two of the boys denied any responsibility for the damage, while a third told police another boy pushed him, and he hit a figurine in retaliation, accidentally damaging it.

A manager said one of the two who had denied responsibility had thrown golf balls around the room, striking a female patron in the head and was seen putting holes in the walls.

The boys’ parents were called and told to work out a payment option for the damage with staff or charges would be pressed.

Van damaged during attempted break-in

The passenger-side window of a 2002 Ford F-350 van was pushed out during an apparent attempted robbery in the 17000 block of Valade sometime before 4:30 a.m. Oct. 28.

A man leaving the area in a silver vehicle was questioned but released when nothing linking him to the event was found in his vehicle.

Four rob smoke shop
A smoke shop was found burglarized just before 5 a.m. Oct. 29.

An officer discovered a window broken and glass strewn on the sidewalk outside of Riverview Smoke Shop, 19158 Fort about that time. A hookah pipe and parts to a cash register also were on the ground.

Inside the shop, merchandise was scattered on the floor and a door dividing two rooms of the shop was broken. The cash register and various boxes of cigarettes were missing.

Surveillance footage showed a red sport utility vehicle pull up to the shop about 2 a.m. and four suspects, wearing ski masks or bandannas covering their faces, baseball caps and dark clothes and gloves, strike the door several times with a hatchet, push their way into the shop, remove the items through the broken window and drive east on Fort.

Equipment stolen from vehicles

Thieves targeted a sport utility vehicle and a recreational vehicle parked in commercial lots on Eureka and Goddard, making off with a $3,000 global positioning system unit/radio system and a 19-inch Samsung TV valued at $300.

Southgate Police took calls at 8:30 a.m. Oct. 26 and Oct. 28 from vehicle owners. In the 15000 block of Eureka, the owner of a 2011 Chevy Suburban reported that a side rear passenger window had been smashed, and the GPS and stereo equipment unplugged and missing. Police noted damage to the console casing.

In the 15000 block of Goddard, a Cherokee Fifth Wheel recreational vehicle was broken into via a side entry door. The owner last saw the vehicle intact, parked and secured in early October.

Thieves target jewelry in home invasions

Two houses near the intersection of Mortenview Drive and Wick Road were hit last month by thieves with a select eye for jewelry boxes.

A woman living in the 25500 block of Haig called police at about 9:30 a.m. Oct. 19 after returning home from her night shift job to find a rear window open and seven jewelry boxes missing. The woman was to provide police with a specific list of items, much of it costume jewelry but several valuable pieces were also missing.

Police noted muddy footprints inside the house near the back door. Whoever broke in moved a large-screen TV from the bedroom but left it in the hallway, and also moved but did not steal a computer.

The previous night, a woman in the 20000 block of Wick Road reported that someone broke a rear window and stole two jewelry boxes from her bedroom. Officers noted that the window appeared to have been smashed by an object wrapped in a towel. A list of stolen items was expected.

Man bit twice by friend’s best friend

A 19-year-old Trenton man called police Tuesday to report having been bitten by his friend’s dog, once while outside of the home and again inside the residence a few minutes later.

The victim called police shortly after 2 a.m., and said that he was walking up the driveway at about 6 p.m. Halloween night. The dog, of uncertain breed, ran around the victim’s legs, tangling the man in the leash. The victim tried to kick the dog, which in turn bit through the man’s shoe.

The homeowners — parents of the victim’s friend — removed the dog and took the man inside. They also let the dog inside the house, where it again bit the man’s feet.

The victim went home and told his father about the incident, and he took the man to Henry Ford Wyandotte Hospital for stitches and treatment. After release, they notified police and reported the incident.

Contractors get trick

A neighbor apparently upset with construction of a city-owned house nearby left a Halloween trick for contractorMonday.

About 2 p.m. that day, contractors and a city engineer working on a house in the 2300 block of Eighth as part of the city’s Neighborhood Stabilization Project program reported to police that numerous piles of apparent feces were found outside and inside of the house.

The foreman said the damage has been recurring over the last month.

Shelter sleeper arrested
An Ecorse man found sleeping in a bus stop shelter at Biddle near Walnut was arrested for possession of narcotics after an officer found marijuana on him.

An officer reported to the shelter about 7 a.m. that day after receiving a tip that the man was sleeping there. He said the shelter smelled like burnt marijuana and urine and noticed a cell phone and marijuana rolling papers next to the man.

After receiving permission to search the man, the officer found two cases containing marijuana and residue.

Jewelry taken at estate sale
A shopper at an estate sale in the 3800 block of 14th allegedly named her own price for a piece of jewelry she could not afford Oct. 27.

About 11 a.m. that day, the woman, who was not known by anyone at the sale, allegedly became disruptive, attempting to set up tables without being asked. She then inquired about a piece of costume jewelry and when the price listed was too expensive, offered a “down payment” of a few dollars and before the seller could decline, placed the jewelry in her purse and left.

Police located the woman and returned her “down payment.” The jewelry was returned to its owner.

Gun pulled during fight
A gun was allegedly drawn during a fight between rival gang members outside of a house in the 1600 block of Seventh Oct. 28.

Just before 1 a.m. that day, a 21-year-old Detroit man showed up on the doorstep of a 21-year-old Wyandotte man who was inside drinking with three friends. Police said they have knowledge that the four were in a gang and that the Detroit man was in a rival gang.

The Detroit man was accompanied by two other men, described as a tall white man and a shorter Hispanic man. The Detroit man asked to come inside the house, but the owner said he would only allow them inside if he could pat them down for weapons first.

The Hispanic man refused and a fight broke out – the Wyandotte man was joined by his friends and the Detroit man by several men who ran from a car parked on the street – and the taller white man pulled a revolver from the waistband of his pants and directed everyone to “chill.”

The suspects then ran to a blue or green older-model mini van and fled the area.

School disrupter caught
A 29-year-old Lincoln Park man was arrested for disorderly conduct just before 8 a.m. Oct. 28 after refusing to leave Garfield Elementary School, 340 Superior.

The man entered the school shortly before then. When asked why he was there by a school secretary, he said in a slurred voice that he was looking for his cousin and gave a name that did not match any currently enrolled students.

The woman informed him he was mistaken and asked him to leave and he refused several times, before eventually leaving. He then allegedly pulled on the door of a locked and occupied car on the street outside the school. Its driver, who had a young daughter in the car, screamed and he ran away.

He was later found nearby and arrested.

(Compiled by Daniel Heraty, James Mitchell and Andrea Poteet.)