Bobcat or coyote sighted at college campus

Times-Herald Newspapers

DEARBORN – Students, faculty and staff of Henry Ford Community College are asked to be on the lookout after a large animal sighting.

Dearborn Animal Control was notified Nov. 2 that a wild animal, possibly a bobcat or a coyote, was seen in the area near HFCC, 5101 Evergreen Road. The latest sighting is the third in the past two weeks.

An employee of the college, who declined to give his name, issued a statement claiming advising those in the area to keep aware.

“HFCC campus safety observed an animal near the wooded area near Kingfisher Bluff near the western end of campus,” he said. “No reports have been received from individuals using this pathway. The college community has been encouraged to report any future sightings.”

An alert issued by the Dearborn Police Department states that residents with small animals should not leave them unattended and that the suspected bobcat is territorial but will not harm people unless it is cornered or threatened.

Student Devin Mercer said knowing there’s a wild animal nearby makes her feel nervous because she gets to the campus when there is little light out. She also said that school officials have told students to be careful, but nothing more than that.

“Someone told me on the news this morning that they were just saying to be careful about it,” Mercer said. “None of the teachers have said anything about it.”

An officer with the police Ordinance Enforcement Department said the area where the sightings are happening is very large and trying to narrow down the animal’s location is difficult.

If residents see the animal, they are asked to contact the Dearborn Police Department at 313-949-2240.

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