By Fifi Rodriguez
1. ANATOMY: Which gland produces human growth hormone?
2. FAMOUS CHARACTERS: What does Donald Duck always wear?
3. MONEY: What is the basic currency of Iraq?
4. RELIGION: In Western churches, what day is set aside for the Feast of St. Stephen?
5. SCIENCE: What is the Latin word and chemistry symbol for lead?
6. MOVIES: What 1969 movie was made from a Philip Roth novel and starred Richard Benjamin and Ali MacGraw?
7. PULITZER PRIZE: What was the title of Charles Lindbergh’s autobiography, which won the Pulitzer Prize in 1953?
8. LITERATURE: What 1920s novel features a narrator named Nick Carraway?
9. LANGUAGE: What is a fata morgana?
10. GEOGRAPHY: What body of water does the Mississippi River flow into?

1. Pituitary gland
2. A blue sailor suit
3. The dinar
4. Dec. 26
5. Plumbum (Pb)
6. “Goodbye, Columbus”
7. “The Spirit of St. Louis”
8. “The Great Gatsby”
9. A mirage
10. Gulf of Mexico

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