John McCook stars as “Eric” on “The Bold and The Beautiful”

By Dana Block
Eric scolded Ridge for getting involved in his private affairs. Daisy and Marcus took their relationship to the next level. Steffy admitted to Taylor that she conspired to keep Hope away from Liam. Brooke feared that Amber was trying to con her way back into the family. Jackie accidentally told Owen about how she spent an afternoon with another man. Thorne turned to Taylor for advice. Stephanie feared that she lost Eric for good. Liam was shocked to learn that Steffy knew all along that Hope was in Aspen. Wait to See: Amber makes an unexpected proposition to Rick.

Madison lectured Sami about meddling in her private life. Stefano offered Abe a cushy job with the government if he dropped out of the mayoral race against EJ. John feared that he unknowingly committed the crimes of which he was being accused. Bo and Hope renewed their vows after a tumultuous time in their marriage. Jack confided in Rafe that he never sought counseling after his ordeal in Afghanistan. Marlena came up with an idea to hypnotize John to help him recover his lost memories. Jack and Jennifer were trapped in a blizzard. Wait to See: Maggie and Victor’s wedding day arrives.

Sam and Jason enjoyed the final days of their honeymoon, unaware that Franco had something up his sleeve. Sonny and Kristina shared a heart-to-heart talk before she left for Yale for college. Ethan found a secret passageway inside Wyndemere while trying to hang up Laura’s portrait. Maxie was disappointed when Spinelli — not Matt — remembered her birthday. Carly chewed out Shawn after finding him at the bar with another woman. Kristina and Ethan said their goodbyes. Jason awoke in an unlikely place. Wait to See: A new M.D. arrives in Port Charles.

Cord rejected Tina’s advances, realizing that he could never trust her again. Blair and Tomas disagreed on who killed Victor. Rex warned Stacy that she couldn’t hold a candle to the real Gigi. Cord tried to encourage Clint to go after Viki and forget all about Kim. Nora helped Destiny write her college essay. Vimal’s sister, Neela, left India to escape an arranged marriage. Brody warned John to stay away from Natalie. Ford saw Jessica in a new light. Tea decided to take a pregnancy test. Wait to See: Bo and Nora share a dance.

Billy secretly visited his daughter in the hospital while dressed as Santa Claus. Gloria met Angelo’s daughter, Angelina, a gum-smacking Jersey girl who couldn’t sing karaoke. Avery hoped that the pictures of Adam and Heather’s kiss would result in a mistrial for Sharon. Chloe wanted to hurry up and marry Kevin as a way to thank him for saving Delia’s life. Billy hoped that Cane could help him clear his name. Sharon had mixed feelings about destroying Heather’s career. Wait to See: Christine and Paul relive the terror they went through with Isabella.

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