Genie Francis stars as “Genevieve” on “The Young and The Restless.”

by Dana Block
Hope and Liam compared notes about what happened in Aspen and what led him to marry Steffy. Taylor refused to believe that Steffy conspired with Bill. Nick and Brooke renewed their friendship. Thorne demanded big changes at the top of Forrester Creations. Amber and Rick reminisced about their stormy past. Taylor was forced to choose sides in Ridge and Thorne’s disagreement. Amber’s self-esteem took a hit after her business meeting with Jackie. Wait to See: Jackie eavesdrops on Ridge and Eric’s private conversation.

Abigail was worried that Chad was interested in Melanie again. Marlena sensed the tension between Will and Gabi. Someone was conducting illegal bets on Chad and Sonny’s new website. Jennifer rewarded Daniel’s kindness with a kiss. Kate was horrified to learn that her son Austin was living with Sami again. Sami wasn’t happy with the chemistry between Brady and Madison. At the Halloween party, Chad mistook Melanie for Abigail and kissed her. Maggie was shocked to learn that Daniel was her biological son. Wait to See: Bo surprises Hope with a romantic gesture.

Carly and Shawn grew closer after he talked to her about his post-traumatic stress disorder. Jason and Sam discussed the pros and cons of having a baby. Kate made a lunch date with Sonny after their kiss. Lulu considered ending her secret engagement to Dante. Jason received a call assuring him that Franco was in Canada. Lucky traveled to Ireland to visit the church that Siobhan wrote about in her letter. Carly swore Jason to secrecy after telling him the truth about Jax. Dante had some tough questions for Michael. Wait to See: Sonny receives some news about Brenda.

Tina encouraged Viki to pursue a romance with Clint. Todd was granted his freedom after Nora realized that he didn’t kill Victor. Rama and Vimal bonded after sharing their secrets. Tomas surprised Blair with a passionate kiss. Marcie reminded John about Brody’s violent past. Starr and Rick clashed during the music video shoot. Aubrey and Rex shared an unexpected connection. Tina wore Viki’s old wedding dress to the Halloween party. Cutter had a shocking surprise in store for Rex. Tomas asked Blair if she was still carrying a torch for Todd. Wait to See: John walks in on Natalie wearing her wedding dress.

The suspects in Diane’s murder were summoned to the warehouse, where video footage of the scene of the crime played before them. Nick was quick to point out that Adam, too, should be a person of interest. Genevieve turned Colin’s notebook in to the police as he was led away in handcuffs. Victor was surprised to learn that Nikki didn’t plan to return home after her stay in rehab. Lily welcomed Cane back into her life after realizing all that he had done to protect her and the twins. Kevin said yes to Chloe’s marriage proposal. Wait to See: Nikki plans a trip.

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