by Fifi Rodriguez
1. RELIGION: Which religious text is divided into chapters called “suras”?
2. HISTORY: When did the War of 1812 end?
3. TELEVISION: The character Jim Phelps starred in what long-running spy drama?
4. MUSIC: What kind of instrument is a dulcimer?
5. MONEY: What is the standard currency of Vietnam?
6. FAMOUS PEOPLE: Who was Time Magazine’s Person of the Century in 1999?
7. GEOGRAPHY: Where is the Baltic Sea located?
8. ANATOMY: What is “necrosis”?
9. NATURAL WORLD: Where is the geyser Old Faithful located?
10. MOVIES: What 1970s film’s theme song was titled “Evergreen”?

1. Quran
2. 1815
3. “Mission: Impossible”
4. Stringed instrument played with hammers
5. Dong
6. Albert Einstein
7. Northern Europe
8. Death of body tissue
9. Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming
10. “A Star is Born”

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