Michael Easton stars as “John” on “One Life to Live”

by Dana Block
Brooke correctly surmised that Bill was behind Steffy’s shenanigans. Bridget arrived home from a Hawaiian vacation with Owen and baby Logan. Later, Nick wondered why on earth Jackie would allow Owen to go on vacation with his ex-flame. Katie got very vocal when it came to her opinion of Steffy. Nick arrived at Bridget’s door demanding to know about her personal life. Hope was determined to prove whether or not Bill had a hand in what happened in Aspen. Wait to See: Rick and Amber reflect on the past.

Rafe was fired after the FBI found out that he was helping Carrie with John’s defense. Abe put his political aspirations on the line after he publicly vouched for John’s character. Maggie wondered if she had a secret child somewhere after donating her eggs to a fertility lab years ago. Jennifer agreed to date both Jack and Daniel without getting physical. Rafe punched Austin, accusing him of ratting him out to the FBI. Abigail took Daniel’s side in Jennifer’s quest. Jack surprised Jennifer with a date at the children’s hospital. John and Marlena made love for the first time since his injury. Wait to See: Melanie has a shocking revelation.

Jason and Sam didn’t appreciate Carly crashing their honeymoon. Spinelli surprised Maxie with a romantic picnic at the docks. Lulu continued to medicate her emotions with alcohol. Robin was upset to learn that Steve filled the pediatrics position without consulting her. Maxie was jealous of Matt and Elizabeth’s budding relationship. Sonny gave Lulu the hard truth about what life would be like if she married Dante. Johnny struggled to regain his ability to walk. Spinelli and Maxie investigated the mysterious light emanating from Wyndemere. Wait to See: Carly and Sam find common ground.

John ordered Brody’s gun to be tested after he suspected it might have been used to kill Victor. Nora had a hard time believing that Todd was a changed man. Aubrey and Rex found that they had a lot in common. Cord and Tina grew closer after babysitting Ryder together. Jessica struggled over what to do about Liam’s paternity test. Nora joked with Bo about the mayor having a crush on him. Blair begged Todd to save Tomas from going to prison. Wait to See: Kim’s mysterious friend visits Llanfair.

Kevin had to turn down Billy’s request to see Delia. Later, Billy was heartsick after hearing Victoria talk bad about him. In order to rally public support, Avery published a moving photo of Sharon reaching out to her daughter in the courtroom. Devon accused his mother, Harmony, of trying to win favor with Katherine. Tucker attempted to back out of his agreement to hand Jabot back over to Jack. Ronan staked out Genevieve’s home after learning of Colin’s threats against her and Gloria. Wait to See: The suspects in Diane’s murder are brought together under mysterious circumstances.

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