by Fifi Rodriguez
1. MUSIC: What was the name of the 1987 song and the movie starring Madonna?
2. WEATHER: What are the “sirocco,” “mistral” and “Chinook”?
3. MEASUREMENTS: A triennial event occurs how often?
4. MOVIES: Who was the Oscar-winning director of the ‘The Silence of the Lambs’?
5. LANGUAGE: What does the Greek prefix ‘cyto-‘ mean?
6. COMICS: What famous comics character had a girlfriend named Dale Arden?
7. HISTORY: When did the USS Maine explode in Havana’s harbor, an event that preceded the Spanish-American War?
8. LITERATURE: Henry David Thoreau’s famous Walden Pond is nearest to which town?
9. MYTHOLOGY: Who is the Norse goddess of love and fertility?
10. GEOGRAPHY: Cork and Limerick are major cities of which nation?

1. ‘Who’s That Girl’
2. Names of winds that affect different regions of the world: (sirocco/Mediterranean; mistral/France; Chinook/western North America)
3. Every three years
4. Jonathan Demme
5. Cell
6. Flash Gordon
7. 1898
8. Concord, Mass.
9. Freyja
10. Ireland

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