Kelly Sullivan stars as “Kate” on “General Hospital”

by Dana Block
Eric planned a surprise dinner to celebrate Stephanie’s extended remission from her lung cancer. Brooke and Taylor continued to fight over which of their daughters was more suitable for Liam. Justin helped Bill concoct a plan to keep Hope off Liam’s trail. Katie demanded to know the real reason why Bill was so fixated on his son’s love life. Eric confronted Stephanie about their lack of intimacy. Steffy worried that Taylor wouldn’t approve of what happened in Aspen. Wait to See: Bridget returns with baby Logan.

Jennifer felt conflicted over her feelings for both Jack and Daniel. Marlena refused to grant John a divorce, insisting that she stand by him as he goes to trial. Abigail told Jack to take a hike after he forbade her from seeing Chad. Melanie grew despondent while helping Maggie plan her wedding. Kate bragged to Madison that she outbid her on the Japanese distribution deal. Austin had photographic evidence of John supposedly faking his paralysis. Meanwhile, John continued to have unexplainable flashbacks. Jennifer admitted to Daniel that she still loved Jack. Wait to See: Marlena and Stefano have a showdown.

Sonny nearly shot Kate after she walked in on him while sleeping. Olivia and Steve ended up hurting themselves while getting to know each other. Patrick surprised Robin with a whirlwind birthday celebration. Luke interrupted Tracy’s meeting with Anthony at the Metrocourt. Lucky and Ethan bonded as brothers. Sonny sent Kate flowers, raising the question of a future together. Lucky bluntly rejected Elizabeth’s attempt to get back together. Carly crashed Jason and Sam’s honeymoon in Hawaii. Lisa had a surprise in store for Robin and Patrick. Wait to See: Steve makes an important announcement.

Rex asked Delphina to send him back in time so that he could prevent Gigi’s death. Blair pleaded with Jack to tell the truth about his father’s murder. Aubrey was furious to learn that Cutter never turned in the gun to the police. Rama was determined to get the money Kim stole from her. Nate apologized to Dani for starring in an adult film, hoping that she would forgive him. Blair wanted Shane arrested for threatening her son with a gun. Rex and Shane shared an emotional talk. Kim’s friend in the hospital bed began to wake up. Wait to See: Victor’s killer is revealed.

Devon wanted nothing to do with Katherine after she kept his birthright from him. Genevieve gloated to Colin that she had the key to his ledgers. Tucker informed the press that Jabot was back on the market. Neil offered Katherine his resignation after hearing about Devon. Jack threatened Colin after he manhandled Genevieve. Sofia gave birth to a baby boy. Billy tried to get Victor off his back by showing him the divorce papers. Ronan tapped into Colin’s phone and overheard his plans for Genevieve and Gloria. Wait to See: Malcolm makes a stunning decision.

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