Oakwood, Midwest Health sponsor free senior health event

DEARBORN — The Oakwood Healthcare System and Midwest Health are teaming up next week to put on a free health event for senior citizens.

The event, scheduled for 10 a.m. to noon at the Oakwood Midwest Medical Center at Michigan Avenue and Schaefer, will allow senior citizens to get some free information about a number of health issues, and how they may be affecting their daily lives.

“It’s a great opportunity to get some valuable information,” Dr. Mark Saffer, president of Midwest Health Plan, said. “We want to help people get the care they need.”

At the event, senior citizens will be able to take advantage of a number of free health screenings, including blood pressure screening and stroke risk assessment, eye exams, foot exams and hearing screenings.

Information will also be provided about how to prevent falls and reduce risk of trauma. From 11 a.m. to noon, Oakwood orthopedic specialists will be on hand to present a condensed version of Joint Class 101, too. Part lecture, part question-and-answer with physicians and physical therapists, and part informal diagnosis, the Joint Class is designed to educate those suffering from chronic discomfort or pain in their knees, shoulders and hips, about ways they can improve their quality of life, Jeff Kline, director of sports medicine for Oakwood Healthcare, Inc., said.

“We provide them with some introductory information about anatomy—how the joints work in layman’s terms so they can understand what it is that’s causing their problems,” Kline said. “We provide educational materials that will enable them to make the best choice to deal with their chronic shoulder, hip or knee pain.”

Those choices can include anything from over-the-counter medicine, to a physical therapy or exercise routine, injections or surgery. The Oakwood Midwest Medical Center is located at 4700 Schaefer Road in Dearborn. To register for this free event, visit the classes and events page at www.oakwood.org www.oakwood.org or call (800) 543-WELL .