NickNateNoah: Dearborn dancers aim for fame

Photo courtesy of Corey Jones

Nate Field (left) joins his brothers Noah and Nick at the West Coast Dance Explosion National Finals held in July at the Mirage Resort and Casino in Las Vegas.

Downriver Sunday Times

DEARBORN – Three local brothers may be shooting for the stars, but they’ve got their feet firmly on the ground – unless they’re perfecting a dance move.

The trio, known collectively as NickNateNoah, include 19 year-old Nick Field, a student at Henry Ford Community College, 16-year-old Nate Field, a sophomore at Dearborn High School and 14-year-old Noah Field, an eighth grade student at Bryant Middle School.

The brothers, who also dance with the competition team at the Noretta Dunworth School of Dance in Dearborn, spent time in Los Angeles this summer recording two songs and completing a round of auditions and screen tests for television producers.

They recorded their first live radio interview Oct. 1 on WTBQ Spotlight Radio, 1110 AM and 93.5 FM out of Warwick, New York.

While they’re waiting for their manager to tell them to fly back to Los Angeles for another round of auditions, they’re taking voice lessons with G. Kevin Dewey at HFCC to become stronger singers.

Nick Field said that the group doesn’t compare to any other groups who are currently in the media spotlight.

“I think we’re incomparable because we’re dancers – everyone else out there is singers who learned to dance and still can’t do it very well,” he said. “But we’re dancers so our shows are way more exciting – we toss Noah in the air. We’re way different because there are really no trained dancers out there.”

The three have each won numerous regional and national dance titles, scholarships and awards since they were preschoolers.

Although all three of the brothers have modeled for print advertisement while growing up, they got their first big break when they were noticed in July 2010 at the Mirage Hotel in Las Vegas by Sam Riddle, president of Malibu Colony Entertainment. Riddle, who has extensive experience in the radio, television and recording industries, produced the legendary “Star Search” and “The Lou Rawls Parade of Stars.”

The three were at the 2010 West Coast Dance Explosion National Finals rehearsing for an Elite team dance number when Riddle approached Noah Field in the hallway and asked him if he could sing. He sang Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” for Riddle on the spot.

Three months later John Crutchman, the executive director of West Coast Dance Explosion, gave Riddle the family’s phone number.

West Coast Dance Explosion is one of the most well-known and challenging dance conventions and competitions.

Regionals are held annually at 15 to 20 cities throughout the country, including Detroit, with a summer national convention in Las Vegas.

The summer convention features a week of master classes ranging from hip hop to ballet to partnering, taught by big names in the dance industry, including Stacey Tookey, Nick Bowman, Kim Wolfe and Ricky Palomino.

The national competition draws high-caliber competitors. Many have gone on to successful performing and teaching careers, and some have been contestants on television shows like “So You Think You Can Dance.”

In January 2011 the brothers flew out to Los Angeles with their mother, Kim Field. They did photo shoots with photographer Corey Jones.

They also recorded the song, “The Only One” (I Want You to Want Me). They recorded the vocals in a studio then shot the video on top of the Tyler Towers in Woodland Hills.

Nick Field described the music as dance pop, which he said everyone will be able to dance to, with catchy lyrics that people will be singing.

The introductory video is shown on their website,

This summer, after competing in the 2011 West Coast Dance Explosion National Convention Finals, held July 4 to 16 in Las Vegas, they flew out to Los Angeles to record the vocals for two future music videos, written by Kevin Savigar and Tyler Shamy, on July 19 and 20 in Los Angeles.

Savigar created the soundtrack for “I Wish I Could Be Like You” and “The Beast is out of Hand” for The Brady Bunch Movie and “Cinderella” for The Master of Disguise.

Shamy is an actor, singer, song writer and voiceover artist whose music has been featured internationally on Radio Disney, Clear Channel and in various theme parks.

The brothers said that the songs, “Show the World” and “The Bigger Man” have a dance break in the music but they have not yet choreographed or recorded the video portions.

The brothers met on July 22 with casting personnel from several major television networks for screen tests, cold readings and a cappella singing.

They cut their time in LA short and hurried home when they received word that the health of their late maternal grandfather, who was then in hospice, had worsened.

Nick Field said that now they have to do “a lot of waiting” for future opportunities.

The brothers said they are hoping to get a situation comedy about hockey-playing brothers who secretly dance developed for them.
Nate Field said that in the concept proposal the brothers try to hide their dancing talent from their friends to avoid being teased until their talent ends up making them cool.

Nick Field also explained that with their age range, they appeal to a wide demographic, from young teens to young women.

In reality the brothers have all been teased about being male dancers, although Nick Field said it lessened once they were in high school.

Nick Field added that they’ve all gotten in fights because someone made fun of their dancing.

He added that because they are also hockey players, they usually have the advantage in a physical fight.

Their mother said it’s great that they serve as good role models for other young male dancers.

“Parents think that they are more hockey- playing kids that are interested in dance,” Kim said. “Male dancers have not always had the most favorable reputation.”

Kim and Nick Field both agree that it is positive that they are proving stereotypes about male dancers to be wrong.

While they’ve all received negative feedback from some of their peers, Nick Field said they’ve had “more lovers than haters.”

“The girls love it,” Nick Field said. “We all tell them they’re going to the red carpet events with us.”