Southgate Urgent Care breathes new life into community

Photo courtesy of Southgate Urgent Care

The Rev. James Rafferty (right) of St. Mary of the Annunciation in Rockwood offers prayers of blessing on Sept. 30, the day before the grand opening of the Southgate Urgent Care facility, 14523 Northline Rd. As a promotion for their new location, physicians are offering $10 flu shots and $20 off a co-pay, available on the facility’s website,

SOUTHGATE–Southgate Urgent Care has been a large part of the community since 2005. After spending years in the Oakwood Medical Center, Southgate Urgent Care is now in a new, completely remodeled location at 14523 Northline Rd.

Many in the community will remember the new location as the former Woman’s Care Center. The Women’s Care Center’s presence in Southgate was met with great opposition. Since the first signs of construction began, the owner of Southgate Urgent Care, Dr. Farah Iftikhar has received an overwhelmingly positive response from members of the community expressing their appreciation and excitement over the urgent care’s move into the building. Encouragement and gratitude came all the way from Rockwood when the Rev. James Rafferty of St. Mary of the Annunciation came to offer prayers of blessing at the location the day before the grand opening.

The staff at Southgate Urgent Care looks forward to serving patients both old and new in their beautiful new facility. Patients will find the same staff and same hours to which they have been accustomed.

In honor of their new location, Southgate Urgent Care is offering flu shots for just $10 and has coupons for up to $20 off a patient’s co-pay available on their website, through mailings and at the location.

Southgate Urgent Care is at 14523 Northline Road, Southgate and is open seven days a weeks from 8am to 10 p.m. call 734-342-7800