Drake Hogestyn stars as “John” on “Days of Our Lives”

by Dana Block
Hope was shocked and deeply hurt by the news that Liam and Steffy were engaged. Ridge felt torn and decided not to take sides as Brooke and Taylor feuded. Bill sent a photo of Steffy’s engagement ring to the press. He later arranged for his son to fly off to Aspen with Steffy on a romantic getaway. Hope accompanied Rick to Aspen in search of her former fiance — and her nemesis. Katie was furious to learn that Bill was so devious. Liam had second thoughts during his dinner with Steffy and decided to spend the night alone. Wait to See: Eric surprises Stephanie with a candlelit dinner.

Sami was upset to learn that it was Rafe who personally arrested John. Maggie enthusiastically said yes to Victor’s proposal. Jack told Jennifer that he didn’t leave their marriage willingly, that he had been held hostage in Afghanistan. Brady bought out a cosmetics company but allowed its existing CEO, Madison James, to oversee the business. EJ asked Nicole to be his campaign manager. Carrie agreed to defend John, which would mean opposing her own husband, Austin, in court. Sami found she had a lot in common with Madison, her new boss. Wait to See: Maggie is shocked to learn that she is somehow connected to Alice’s secret.

Franco stalked Jason and Sam on their Hawaiian honeymoon. Kate felt left out when Sonny and Olivia visited their son in the hospital. Matt and Patrick continued to squabble at work. Tracy and Luke tried to pick up where they left off. Elizabeth encouraged Maxie to focus on Matt. Danger loomed over Sam and Jason. Dante insisted on remaining a cop despite Lulu’s objections. Lucky was deeply affected by Siobhan’s letter. Michael overheard Carly talking about the drugs and decided to take matters into his own hands. Elizabeth and Matt continued their flirtation, which didn’t go unwitnessed. Wait to See: Kristina receives some surprising news.

Tomas allowed Todd to flee after he shot Irene on the docks. Later, Blair found Todd injured at the cabin. Jessica secretly held a copy of Liam’s paternity test as she babysat him for Natalie. Clint walked in on Tina and Cord getting reacquainted. Starr and Jack fought over who was responsible for Victor’s death. Jessica told Ford what she was keeping secret from Natalie. Blair and Todd reminisced about the past. Starr wondered what Jack was hiding. Wait to See: Rama threatens to have Kim arrested.

Phyllis sarcastically thanked Sharon for bringing Avery back into her life. Katherine collapsed while arguing with Jack about Jabot. Ronan had Abby arrested for trying to kill Tucker. Avery was a stickler about making Phyllis visit Daisy in prison. Tucker overheard Jill say that Devon was his son. Cane saw Billy secretly visiting Katherine in the hospital. Wait to See: Sofia learns who fathered her baby.

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