by Fifi Rodriguez
1. GENERAL KNOWLEDGE: What was the former name of New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport?
2. TELEVISION: Who played Eliot Ness on the original TV show ‘The Untouchables’?
3. LITERATURE: Who wrote ‘The Pump House Gang’?
4. MUSIC: Which singer kicked off the national dance craze called The Twist?
5. MOVIES: When did the animated feature ‘Dumbo’ debut?
6. FOOD & DRINK: Edam is a popular type of what?
7. GEOGRAPHY: Goshen was a region in which ancient land?
8. SCIENCE: Psephology is the study of what?
9. POETRY: How many lines are in a standard sonnet?
10. LANGUAGE: What does the Greek prefix ‘ornitho’ mean?

1. Idlewild
2. Robert Stack
3. Tom Wolfe
4. Chubby Checker
5. 1941
6. Cheese
7. Egypt
8. Elections
9. 14 lines
10. Bird

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