Follow the Yellow Brick Road to The Henry Ford

DEARBORN — The Henry Ford hosts “The Wizard of Oz” Children’s Educational Exhibit at Henry Ford Museum from Saturday to Jan. 9.

Admission to the exhibit is free with membership or admission to the museum. For more information, call (313) 982-6001 or go to

Using the beloved movie classic as a guide, children can step into a child-size Land of Oz with stops at the Gale Farm, Munchkinland, The Crossroads, The Witch’s Castle and The Emerald City.

Children can follow the movie’s storyline by first visiting Uncle Henry and Auntie Em’s farm, and take a seat on a hay bale to watch a movie about life on a typical farm. Next, they can explore the power of nature by creating a mini-tornado in Dorothy’s bedroom. Once the tornado settles, it’s onto Munchkinland to let their imagination run wild with funhouse mirrors, soft sculpture rainbow blocks, musical tubes, a voice synthesizer and other activities.

On the Yellow Brick Road, children can meet Dorothy’s friends the Scarecrow, the Cowardly Lion and the Tin Man before heading to The Emerald City. Once there, they can create a “Horse of a Different Color,” and play at the kaleidoscope and prism stations. At the Wicked Witch’s Castle, they can climb the mountain to capture the Wicked Witch’s broom from Winged Monkeys.

In OZ-tober, every Saturday, visitors can go to the museum dressed as their favorite “Wizard of Oz” characters, participate in story time, hands-on demonstrations, make-and-take crafts and take a photo with a different character each weekend.

In November, the museum will offer Munchkin luncheons, a special ticketed event in which children can meet their favorite Oz characters. For times, tickets and character appearances, go to